KIRO Launching 7 P.M. Newscast On Sept. 11

KIRO 7 at Seven will go in-depth, dig in to major stories, investigate important issues.

On Monday, Sept. 11, Cox Media Group’s CBS affiliate KIRO Seattle (DMA 14) will launch a new, live 7 p.m. newscast.

The station says its new KIRO 7 at Seven “goes in-depth on the major news of the day to deliver additional angles and perspectives. The show will focus on new investigations to deliver valuable information and uncover important issues impacting the lives of local viewers.” 

The show’s anchors will include:

  • Steve Raible — He recently celebrated his 35th anniversary with KIRO.
  • Monique Ming Laven — In more than 11 years with KIRO, Laven has reported and anchored on some of Western Washington’s biggest news stories.
  • Jesse Jones — A Tacoma native, his career spans 25 years as a journalist and consumer advocate.
  • Morgan Palmer – More than a decade of experience as a meteorologist and a passion for all things related to the weather.

After it was announced that the syndicated The Insider would end its production for the 7 p.m. time slot, KIRO surveyed viewers to learn what content would be most valuable to them at that time of the evening. The results indicated that despite the 7 p.m. time slot being dominated by entertainment programming for decades, viewers said they wanted a local news program that took more time to dig in to major stories and investigate important issues. 

“A tremendous amount of work has been done by the KIRO 7 team in developing this new newscast,” said KIRO VP-GM Greg Bilte. “By starting with research and stepping outside of a traditional production to develop a news product that meets the needs of our viewers, I’m excited to introduce the fresh and unique content KIRO 7 at Seven will offer.”

KIRO’s evening news schedule beginning Sept. 11:


5-6 p.m. — KIRO 7 News

6-6:30 — KIRO 7 News

6:30-7 — CBS Evening News

7-7:30 — KIRO 7 at Seven

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