Station Trading Roundup: 2 Deals, $6 Million

The sale of KOFY San Francisco by Granite Broadcasting to CNZ Communications tops the latest list of TV station transactions submitted to the FCC for its approval, according to BIA/Kelsey.

KOFY San Francisco — PRICE: $6,000,000 BUYER: CNZ Communications (Randy Nonberg, president/COO) SELLER: Granite Broadcasting (Peter Markham, chairman/CEO) FACILITIES: DTV Ch. 19, 568.000 kW, ant.1,601 ft. AFFILIATION: IND COMMENT: Granite Broadcasting’s KBWB License LLC is selling the assets of KOFY San Francisco, CA including the FCC licenses, construction permits, authorizations or other rights of any kind Issued or granted by the FCC, all FCC files and records pertaining to the station and  all right, title and interest in and to the call letters of the station used in connection with the operation of the station and all goodwill associated therewith to CNZ Communications’ Stryker Media 2 LLC for $6M. Sale is not to include the spectrum rights associated with the FCC licenses that were surrendered in the Incentive Auction or any portion of the amounts paid in respect of  the surrender of such spectrum right in the Incentive Auction. Contemporaneously with the execution of this agreement, seller and CNZ Communications Poquito Mas Communications LLC, licensee of KCNZ-CD San Francisco, are entering into a channel sharing agreement  with respect to KOFY and KCNZ-CD.

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WVPT Staunton & WVPY Front Royal, both Virginia — PRICE: Donation BUYER: Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corp (Curtis Monk, president/CEO) SELLER: Shenandoah Valley Educational TV Corp (Toni Mancari, president/GM) FACILITIES: WVPT-TV: DTV Ch. 12, 10.000 kW, ant. 2,261 ft.; WVPY-TV: DTV Ch. 21, 100.000 kW, ant. 1,312 ft. AFFILIATION: WVPT-TV: PBS; WVPY-TV: PBS COMMENT: Shenandoah Valley Educational TV Corp is contributing the licenses of WVPT and WVPY to Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corp. There is no purchase price paid.

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