The Acme-owned syndicated show is creating two local segment opportunities for stations in each hour of the three-hour program.

Acme Communications announced today its The Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated morning news program, is adding two local segment opportunities to each hour of the unique weekday show beginning March 3.

The windows are intended to provide TV stations with additional opportunities to connect with audiences, while growing local advertising revenues.

Twice each hour within The Daily Buzz there will be set roll-over portions that allow stations to insert a live or taped local segment. In an effort to encourage affiliates to air the programming, these segments can be used for local sponsorships as well, which will integrate appealing monetization options. For those that do not elect to fill this slot with local content, The Daily Buzz will fill the time with more of its humorous content.

“We realize that although the demand for localized content is increasing, in today’s broadcast environment, the ability of our affiliates to staff, create and produce this content may be diminishing,” said Sandi Yost Gehring, general manager, The Daily Buzz. “We’ve developed these new insert opportunities to help meet the growing interest in locally relevant content within the communities our program reaches and to provide an appealing, broader news-selling component to the advertisers.”

Launched in 2002, The Daily Buzz is a three-hour morning news program. Produced and fully owned by Acme, The Daily Buzz airs on 144 stations, including all of the company’s CW affiliated stations, The CW Plus, and many of the CBS-owned CW stations.

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