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TVU Networks, a global technology and innovation provider of live IP video solutions, launches new premium functionality at IBC to provide operators increased flexibility and to robustly contribute the highest video quality from any location over any network. Demonstrations will show how and why the TVU Networks portfolio of media acquisition products provide a solution for every use case, such as contributing thousands of hours of uninterrupted live video for many of the world’s largest broadcasters during this summer’s World Cup as well as enabling France Télévisions to provide live coverage of May’s UK Royal Wedding from a moving vehicle.

“At IBC we will demonstrate how if you are a broadcaster covering a major event with multiple camera crews, a journalist with just a mobile and a tripod, and everyone in between, we have the solutions and infrastructure to make your live coverage stand out both now and in the future,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

The TVU Networks media acquisition solutions demonstrated at IBC include: TVU Anywhere, TVU MediaMind, TVU MLink, TVU One and TVU Router / TVU Nano Router.

For video journalists and vloggers alone in the field, TVU solutions include TVU Anywhere, an app for Apple iOS and Android which instantly turns a smart device into a live video transmitter through using the devices cellular and WiFi connections to transmit live to the studio. TVU Anywhere is frequently used by sport production companies to film at-home athlete interviews with just a tripod and a smartphone, with the capability of remote controlling pan, tilt, zoom and exposure functions from the studio, avoiding the need for on-site crew. In addition, journalists can use the TVU Nano Router to deliver reliable, low latency and high speed connectivity critical to covering live events in full HD from an incredibly small form factor. This solution is perfect for capturing breaking, developing, and fast moving events.

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For a single camera shoot, TVU provides TVU One, a multiple award-winning small, lightweight, IP-based high-definition field transmitter, to enable camera operators to contribute live video without sacrificing performance, features or picture quality. With less than 0.5 second latency at 3Mbp, using HEVC or H.265 compression standard to deliver greater efficiency in data use as well as increased transmission stability, it is in use by camera operators at thousands of TV stations worldwide. New functionality at IBC includes the option for embedded modems to deliver worldwide wireless transmission.


Camera operators can also utilize integration of TVU solutions with Panasonic’s P2 cameras, to stream directly from the field back to the studio for decoding and processing using a TVU Transceiver or use TVU Grid to distribute to multiple outlets. Finally, TVU Router / TVU Nano Router enables camera operators to access the Internet in the field and cover fast breaking events by enabling live streaming and large video file transfers from any location.

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For multi-camera shoots, in addition to TVU One, TVU Router / TVU Nano Router and the integration with Panasonic P2 and PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras, TVU also provides TVU CAS (Contribution Automation System) , which automates the acquisition workflow by integrating all discrete equipment and functions in the acquisition process. Furthermore, TVU CAS aggregates all the metadata throughout the acquisition process. With the AI object, face and speech recognition module, all content will be tagged and automatically presented to the relevant production group for each story.

Additionally, TVU MLink enables satellite and microwave vehicle operators to add cellular 3G/4G LTE uplink to the vehicle’s transmission capabilities. The 1RU rack mount TVU MLink aggregates all available connections — cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet — to broadcast live video with low latency. TVU MLink is also available in a HEVC and 4K encoding model. With its built-in cost control function, this solution is able to dynamically allocate bandwidth to the lowest cost link, to simultaneously increase the reliability of the transmission and save OPEX.

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A recent application of TVU Router was enabling sailing fans all over the world to view the 2018 Congressional Cup regatta as it has never been seen before, courtesy of a partnership between the Long Beach Yacht Club’s (LBYC) media team and several technology firms, including TVU Networks. Two TVU Routers supplied the connection needed for 360 Round VR cameras to provide live distribution to the Samsung VR Video website, Congressional Cup web site and the Tribeca Film Festival’s website.

Powered by IS+, TVU’s innovative proprietary transmission algorithm, TVU transmitters can simultaneously aggregate any combination of bandwidth mediums including cellular 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, microwave, microwave mesh and BGAN to deliver a reliable broadcast picture with sub-second latency.

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