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Ross Video | Stand 11.C10 |rossvideo.com/media

Carbonite Ultra — Carbonite Ultra is built on an entirely new 1RU hardware platform with 240% more processing power than the original Carbonite. Remarkably affordable, the 24-input, 14-output Carbonite Ultra rack starts at $10,900. This production switcher can be configured with 1-3 MEs, 2-4 16-window multiviewers, frame syncs and format converters on all inputs and processing & color correction on all inputs and outputs.

Furthermore, Carbonite Ultra follows Ross Video’s Software Defined Production philosophy, meaning more features will be introduced via free-of-charge software updates and new software-licensed functions, yet to be announced, will take Carbonite Ultra beyond a production switcher. In fact, Carbonite Ultra’s next software release will unlock 12G/UHD support for 2ME & 3ME systems.

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Ultritouch — Ultritouch is a customizable system-wide hardware control and monitoring panel designed to help operators easily control and move between products and applications while maintaining the speed and fidelity of the equipment they are controlling.

Ultritouch is a rack-mountable touchscreen panel combining traditional functionality while adapting the workflows and customization for operators fluent with smartphones. Ultritouch adds a new control option to Ross Video’s Ultrix connectivity platforms. In addition, due to its integration with Ross Video’s network and control system DashBoard, Ultritouch controls a host of other Ross Video equipment.

Key benefits include:


  • Smart touch functionality providing traditional functionality with modern workflows.
  • System-wide control across almost the entire Ross Video portfolio from a single hardware-based panel.
  • Open control with DashBoard provides full customization based on user needs.
  • Exclusive approach to common and next-generation workflows through a fully integrated touch UI with multidevice navigation, and button mapping — meaning less training, quicker setup and ease of use for operations staff.
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