Dalet Rolls Out New Artificial Intelligence Service

Dalet, a provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, announced today the general availability of Dalet Media Cortex, its new artificial intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It will be available at the NAB Show (booth SL 6610).

Dalet Media Cortex offers enhanced content curation, production, management and publishing workflows. This release version offers automatic metadata generation with a range of cognitive services, automatic captions creation, and a first generation of smart assistants that provides content discovery, insights and contextual recommendations to creatives and editorial users within their productions.

“As more and more content is being acquired and produced, the pressure is on media organizations everywhere to not only automate more of the process but gain more value from their content,” said Kevin Savina, director of product strategy, Dalet. “We have explored with our customers the many ways in which AI technologies can bring value to their business and operations. The key to success is to have the ability to combine the right mix of AI models for a given content type and set of outcomes expected; then automatically curate and leverage the data these models generate to create contextual, actionable insights for content producers and operations managers within their day-to-day tools and workflows.”

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Empowering Storytellers

Dalet says: “Providing the right insights, in the right toolset, with the right context, Dalet Media Cortex helps content producers, owners, and publishers across news, sports, programs, and radio operations make the most of their media assets, become more productive and focus their time on creative work.

The service maximizes efficiency, effectiveness and enables new business models. It augments productions with better content search and insights, automates mundane tasks and processes, and brings collaboration to a whole new level. On the distribution side, audiences are better-served thanks to higher quality content and richer, personalized multi-platform experiences.


Ultimately it helps media organizations connect their content to opportunities.”

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Dalet Media Cortex At A Glance

Easy to adopt and implement, the pay-as-you-go service orchestrates combinations of cognitive services best suited for the job, the content type, and the expected outcomes while optimizing cost and quality.

Dalet Media Cortex use cases shown at NAB 2019 include:

  • Automated content indexing and classificationthrough speech-to-text, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision services to save time and improve data depth and consistency.
  • Automatic content captioning in multiple languages.
  • Smart content recommendations with contextual information and actionable insights for users to optimize content use and enhance overall story creation.

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