Tvxplorer 3.0 App Launched By, a mobile NextGen TV solutions company, has released TvXplorer  a broadcast TV analysis and playback application for ATSC 3.0 Next-Gen TV.  Designed for TV professionals in the field as well as the lab, TV station owners and operators and executives, TvXplorer is built for (and works exclusively with) RedZone Receiver.

TvXplorer works with RedZone Receiver and helps expedite the launch efforts of professional TV broadcasters, station owners and operators, field technicians and executives who are deploying ATSC 3.0 across the United States.  , TvXplorer provides both a pop-out video player as well as comprehensive analysis tools for 3.0.

“TvXplorer builds on the success of’s professional-grade ATSC 3.0 hardware RedZone Receiver, that launched in April 2018,” said Bonnie Beeman, Airwavz Founder and CEO. “TvXplorer expands access to mission-critical ATSC 3.0 TV broadcast quality metrics, enabling operators’ to use off-the-shelf Windows 10 PC’s to accurately assess and analyze ATSC 3.0 network quality.

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“Broadcasters can effectively monitor their ATSC 3.0 broadcasts either locally or remotely and immediately get the customer experience.  TvXplorer Bundle is also portable and powerful, and an ideal way to showcase ATSC 3.0 TV in the boardroom by busy executives,” she added.

“This summer, TvXplorer proved invaluable for ATSC 3.0 troubleshooting and quality assurance among our TV broadcast beta sites” said John Casey, CTO/co-founder. “Station owners and operators can rely on TvXplorer to understand and solve network issues and provide quality video playback. TvXplorer integrates easily with Windows 10 PC’s, Laptops and Tablets — hardware our clients already use — enhancing them with ATSC 3.0 capability.”

Developed for professional TV broadcasters actively deploying ATSC 3.0 networks, TvXplorer offers the following features:


  • UHF & VHF TV — Users get access to TV viewing without requiring internet, wireless or WIFI connectivity
  • Tunable — Operate on frequencies in the 50-1000 MHz range
  • Advanced Analytics — Measure RSSI, SNR, RF signal statistics and much more
  • Windows 10 — Compatible with the world’s most popular operating system for Laptops and PC’s
  • RedZone Receiver — Designed exclusively for’s RedZone Receiver, the leading ATSC 3.0 receiver.
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How TvXplorer Works

Simply connect RedZone Receiver to a Windows 10 PC, install TvXplorer and you are ready to watch ATSC 3.0 television. TvXplorer extracts the IP data stream (on which 3.0 broadcasts are based) and provides full analysis, as well as video and audio playback.

TvXplorer is available now for $1,295, which includes a perpetual license and one-year of support.

TvXplorer Bundle is available now for $1,995. The bundle includes TvXplorer and an RedZone Receiver with magnetic mount TV antenna, USB extension cable.

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