Media Monitoring System At IBC

MMS Broadcast offers broadcast monitoring, 24/7 legal and compliance recording, rating and loudness analysis, advertisement watcher, real-time content segmentation and metadata extraction.

The MMS Media Monitoring System Broadcast Edition is a single, integrated and automatic platform for TV and radio engineers, producers and journalists. It can generate actionable knowledge from your media content across the broadcast network including video recording, storage and retrieval, comprising real-time tools for automatic transcription, segmentation and topic indexing of TV contents.

Recording & Storage — Record multiple TV channels and radio stations feeds. The 24×7 high quality recording can be stored for large periods of time and converted to multiple output formats.

Processing — Through proprietary technologies of speech transcription, speaker turn detection, semantically-homogeneous content segmentation and ads detection, the MMS Broadcast processes the information associated with each monitored channel (online or offline).

Searching — Every monitored content is recorded, processed, transcribed and, upon an extensive metadata production, will be available for index searching.

MMS is at IBC at Hall 14, Stand D.08.


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