Octopus Newsroom Intros Collaboration Tool At IBC

Octopus Kör is a cloud-based collaboration and planning tool from Octopus Newsroom. Created for teams of all sizes, Octopus Kör is designed to let you effectively set your workflow, share resources and plan your work.

The system helps you analyze all the information sources using AI technologies, work with external resources as easy as with your internal employees, schedule topics and much more. The preview of this brand new concept from Octopus Newsroom will be first presented at IBC 2019 (Sept. 13-17, RAI Amsterdam).

The new Octopus Kör is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you sort through the incoming sources, analyze and categorize them using facial recognition and speech-to-text.

You can always see where the resources and topics you are covering are located with the new Octopus Kör, allowing you to plan more effectively.

Smart publishing to various destinations, including Octopus X, with advanced scheduling will give you the ability to keep your viewers up-to-date and deliver breaking news faster.

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