MediaPower Launches Arkki EVO Digital Asset Manager At IBC

European media technology solutions provider MediaPower is launching Arkki EVO, a sophisticated and highly flexible Digital Asset Manager, at IBC 2019 (Sept. 13-17, RAI Amsterdam) at stand 7.D55. Arkki EVO is the successor to MediaPower’s Arkki MAM platform.

MediaPower first launched its Arkki MAM-in-a-box at NAB 2013. It garnered Broadcast Engineering’s NAB Pick Hit award for its different approach in delivering MAM benefits at a fraction of a cost. Since then, Arkki has grown into a much more robust system with enterprise features. It’s also configurable to either a MAM-in-a-box or a MAM system deployable in virtual environments or clustered servers.

Fast forward to 2018, where digital transformation is an imperative direction, Arkki EVO came into development and now into fruition. In this age of digital transformation, every vertical industry needs to manage not just media content but also different digital assets, including various forms of delivery to users, external parties, and even monetized platforms.

As a successor to Arkki, Arkki EVO takes media and digital asset management to new heights. Built on sophisticated technologies (like elastic graph networks and NoSQL databases), Arkki EVO is Arkki’s new Evolution. It’s now an advanced digital asset management platform that delivers maximum flexibility—whether used for a small MAM or a full-scale DAM. It brings user and data-centric features on an advanced backend infrastructure, all while retaining its objective of being cost-effective. Arkki EVO now aims not just to empower or enhance a media or video workflow, but to handle digital assets – both video and otherwise and manage their lifecycle and delivery.

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