WKTC Columbia Acquires New NVerzion Master Control Equipment

MyNetworkTV affiliate WKTC Columbia, S.C. (DMA 75), contacted NVerzion to explore possibilities on updating some aging gear. It needed to consider replacing an automation system, a router and an old multichannel server.

“General Manager Stefanie Rein and Chief Engineer David Canfield loved the fact that we jumped in and proceeded to draw out a solution to their overall situation without breaking their budget” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion director of sales.

Canfield said: “I can’t believe how quickly NVerzion responded. They immediately sent an NFinity Video server to try out and then proceeded to submit a competitive proposal that would allow us to expand our capabilities down the road as we needed.”

NVerzion provided a streamlined solution, a couple of feature-rich, multichannel server systems controlled with NVerzion’s NControl Automation working with its OSI traffic system and a new Utah Scientific router.

WKTC content primarily comes from Pathfire and Pitch Blue and occasionally it needs to dub from tape and/or router sources.

Haslam added: “The NFinity video server configuration includes a main channel and a backup channel with RAID-N on the primary channel for additional redundancy and content mirroring.”


Normally, WKTC’s operators would spend hours managing the syndication programs. They would transfer, flip and prep each segment to get it ready for each one-hour program for air. With the new system there is no transcoding, preparation is much easier getting the syndicated material to air quickly.

Canfield said: “NVerzion’s automation in combination with their NFinity Video Servers provide a solid and reliable technology to help us move forward.”

NVerzion’s modular construction was designed with future expansion in mind. WKTC will be able to add more channels, more storage and more features without replacing any single component in the system.

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