Free New Year’s Eve Feed From Times Square

The co-organizers of the famous New Year’s Ball Drop — the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment — are once again offering HD satellite and fiber feeds of the celebration from Times Square in New York.

The clean, uninterrupted feeds with no bug or logo are available free of charge to domestic and international media organizations. They feature exclusive, panoramic views from proprietary camera locations with the ambient and natural sounds of the revelers, showcasing the lighting and raising of the famous New Year’s Ball, hourly countdowns, musical performances, as well as the famous Ball Drop at midnight.

The co-organizers of the famous Ball Drop are once again offering HD satellite and fiber feeds of the celebration from Times Square, New York, as well as behind-the-scenes preparations leading up to the big night on Dec. 3 (Wishing Wall), Dec. 11 (Numeral Arrival), Dec. 26 (Numeral Installation atop One Times Square), Dec. 27 (Crystal Installation), Dec. 28 (Good Riddance Day), Dec. 29 (Confetti Test) and Dec. 30 (Ball Test and Balloon Preparation).

New for the 2020 celebration is the offering of social media-ready content of these preparations, including photos and short videos with background music and captions.

Information for the live, broadcast feed of the New Year’s Eve celebration on Dec. 31 and the downloadable pre-New Year’s Eve footage and social content is available here.

The event organizers have also partnered with Livestream once again to offer an international webcast of the event. The host and street correspondents (TBA in December) will cover the action in Times Square, including the hourly countdowns, ball raising ceremony, stage and musical performances and interview special guests. The webcast is being made available for media outlets, webmasters and bloggers to embed on their own websites and Facebook pages. Additional details (including embedding codes) are available here.


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