Jake Manship Named COO Of Manship Media

Manship Media announced Thursday that Jake Manship has been appointed chief operating officer, a new position within TV station group Manship Media. He will report to CEO Richard Manship. 

“Jake’s appointment will ensure that the Manship family remains involved serving our communities,” said CEO Richard Manship.

Jake Manship transferred to WBRZ Baton Rouge, La., in 2013 after the family sold The Advocate newspaper. Jake has held many roles at the Advocate and WBRZ. He has spent substantial time working with all departments within WBRZ.

WBRZ General Manager Rocky Daboval said “Over the last seven years I have watched Jake grow, working alongside employees in every department. He understands the opportunities of our industry, and he has the vision to grow these companies in our ever-changing environment. I will continue to work alongside Jake as he assumes more responsibilities while carving out Manship Media’s niche. It’s a great time for young people with passion and vision to be in our industry”.

Jake serves on the board of Louisiana Association of Broadcasting, among other organizations.

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