Voice Of America Moves Global Newsrooms Remotely Into Journalists’ Homes

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to spread, Voice of America has moved its entire global newsroom remotely into the homes of hundreds of its journalists around the world in order to continue coverage of this historic moment.

VOA is the nation’s largest international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 280 million people.

The coronavirus global health crisis has forced Voice of America’s nearly 50 separate newsrooms out of studio facilities and into its journalists’ homes across the world.

Reporting on the coronavirus in hot spots around the world from China, the Korean Peninsula, Iran, Russia and dozens of other countries dominates VOA’s more than 1,800 hours of weekly programming.

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“I am constantly in awe of the creativity and ingenuity of our journalists who are committed to continuing to provide a free and fair press regardless of how dire the situation,” said Amanda Bennett, Voice of America director. “COVID-19 has created enormous challenges to our global newsroom operations, which has been met by a blossoming level of innovation by our reporters, producers and editors to adapt to news reporting during this global pandemic.”

Journalists have turned to creative, at-home techniques ranging from coat closets doubling as radio studios and clothing as soundproofing material to journalists broadcasting live to affiliates from their bathrooms with shower curtains featuring the U.S. Capitol as backdrops.


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