Original Song Available For Free for Coronavirus PSAs, Promos

In an effort to help the broadcast industry impart a message of hope and cheer to their viewers during the unprecedent COVID-19 pandemic, Megatrax has teamed up with Nashville-based songwriter Gary Burr to create a new song, Far Apart Together. The original song is intended for use in PSAs, promos or other coronavirus news-related programming.

Lyrics to “Far Apart Together”

You can clean the house from top to bottom,

Play some board games if you got ’em,

Open up the windows and all enjoy the weather.

I know it cramps your social style,


But how ‘bout for a little while,

Let’s all stay Far Apart. Together.

It’s your turn to be selfless,

And all you have to do —

Is think about the people who might not

Be as strong as you.

Of one thing we can all be sure,

The world is sick, but we’re the cure.

Let’s all stay Far Apart. Together.

As a community service, Megatrax is waiving license fees and making the new song available free to all broadcast and media outlets. To request a copy of the song, please click here.

“Far Apart Together” was produced by Grammy- and Emmy Award-winner Randy Hart, Megatrax’s custom services director, who adds, “This was a total labor of love from a lot of highly-talented creatives in Nashville. Gary, the musicians, and our mix engineer Chad Huffman all freely contributed their time in getting behind this project. Everyone involved wanted to send a message of health, love, hope and unity in these strange and uniquely-troubling times.”

Megatrax CEO Ron Mendelsohn said: “I am so thrilled and honored that we are able to offer this song to the industry as our small contribution to helping communities around the country cope with this unprecedented crisis. As musicians, we felt compelled to do our share to combat this horrific virus and help ‘flatten the curve’ through the use of a beautiful song. Hats off to Gary Burr for writing such a perfect piece for our times, and to Randy Hart and Chad Huffman for making this happen.”

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