ProVantageX Launches “PVX Gives Back” To Help With Covid-19 Relief

ProVantageX, an end-to-end connected system for TV buyers and sellers, has introduced PVX Gives Back, a company-wide program to provide financial support to local organizations helping with Covid-19 relief.  The first initiative, “PVX Gives Back: Lunch and Learn” launched this week with PVX’s agency partners selecting the charity recipients.

Randy Altman, PVX VP of agency sales, said: “As businesses navigate through these unprecedented times, we gathered our team remotely to brainstorm how we can continue to engage our agency partners while making a meaningful impact in our local communities and established “PVX Gives Back.” This week, we piloted “PVX Gives Back: Lunch and Learn” to provide financial donations to organizations and nonprofits providing relief and recovery to communities impacted by the pandemic.”

Traditionally sales teams connect with potential and current agency clients during “lunch and learns” where lunch is provided during a working session or demonstration. In lieu of providing lunch for the agency during a presentation, PVX will be making financial donations to local organizations helping with Covid-19 relief, with the agency selecting the charity recipient.

“In these times everyone has a responsibility to help their communities in need. We will continue to develop “PVX Gives Back” and establish new initiatives to provide assistance and resources,” said Ted Kramer, EVP of sales.

To date, PVX has made two donations on behalf of PVX and its ad agency community — one to City Harvest and the other to First Responders Children’s Foundation.

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