Tru Optik Offers Free Signature Cross-Device OTT Measurement Solution

The coronavirus pandemic has shined a spotlight on the power of over-the-top TV. With consumers sheltering in place, consumption of ad-supported OTT has increased by over 60%. The combination of larger audiences and OTT’s precision targeting capabilities have led TV advertisers to shift more of their budgets to OTT.

To help advertisers take full advantage of the efficiency and flexibility of OTT, Tru Optik, a provider of omnichannel audience segmentation and privacy compliance across ad-supported OTT, is making its OTT campaign-measurement service available for free.

Tru Optik’s Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) is purpose-built to deliver unbiased real-time OTT campaign measurement. CAV provides the accuracy and depth advertisers need to understand and improve reach, frequency, and device delivery. With a patented ability to directly sync OTT screens to 80 million U.S. households, CAV’s scale gives advertisers a precise, in-depth view of campaign performance at the publisher and device level. In addition, CAV is platform agnostic; Tru Optik does not buy or sell media, serve ads or manufacture OTT devices.

“In March, across leading AdTech platforms and premium publishers nearly 20 percent of the advertisers using third party data for Connected TV targeting were doing so for the first time,” said Andre Swanston, CEO, Tru Optik. “With the massive increase in OTT consumption, the industry can’t afford for measurement to stand in the way of marketers doing what is best for their brands. Our household graph is simply larger and more accurate than any device manufacturer, publisher or ad tech platform. We believe allowing advertisers to validate their campaign delivery against the same truth set most widely used to plan and execute targeted OTT campaigns is a significant step.”

Up to 15% of OTT campaign impressions are not actually delivered to connected TV (CTV) devices, they are often delivered to less valuable desktop and mobile screens, according to Tru Optik. In an environment where CTV inventory is at a premium, having CTV buys routed to other devices is a problem. CAV validates device delivery and addresses this issue for advertisers and publishers.

“OTT measurement is broken,” said David Wiesenfeld, chief strategist, Tru Optik. “Many solutions are repurposed from linear TV or legacy digital advertising and they don’t work for OTT. Valid campaign measurement is key to getting the most bang for your advertising dollar. Accurate in-depth reporting to drive advertising efficiency has never been more important.”


CAV answers several critical campaign measurement questions, including:

  • How many homes saw my ad?
  • How many times did they see it?
  • What devices and publishers did my campaign run on?
  • What percent of impressions reached my target audience?

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