Digital Alert Systems Offering V4 Price Relief Program

Digital Alert Systems, a global provider in emergency communications solutions for media providers, has introduced a new price relief program for its family of Emergency Alert System (EAS) devices. To help ensure that critical emergency communications are as robust and reliable as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Alert Systems has reduced the price of its Version 4 software upgrade for DASDEC-II or One-Net SE EAS devices. The price relief program is valid through June.

“These are challenging times for our broadcast and cable customers, and a strong system for alerting and warning the public has never been more critical,” said said Bill Robertson, VP of business development. “To date, there have already been more than two dozen COVID-19-related messages sent via EAS, which demonstrates the critical role of customers and their equipment as ‘first informers.

“By upgrading through our new price relief program, customers who might be facing economic or operational challenges can ensure their EAS equipment is properly secured, fully compliant, and up to date.”

For a limited time, the price relief program will let Digital Alert Systems’ customers with older, noncompliant software upgrade to the latest Version 4 at a flat rate of only $396 per device, a price reduction of 20% to 60% depending on their current software version. Version 4 is an essential upgrade that includes all current FCC EAS compliance requirements, including the latest EAS event codes, as well as the required changes for national alert handling (Dynamic Validation Window).

Version 4 also provides new features like Triggered CAP Polling and the Alert Agent, as well as a host of security and operational upgrades and a complete upgrade of the underlying operating system.

Robertson added: “During critical times such as this nationwide public health emergency, our nation needs confidence that its alert and warning system is capable of delivering potentially lifesaving messages to the public. By making it as easy and cost-effective as possible for our broadcast customers to upgrade to our latest software, we’re helping them meet their FCC and community responsibilities. The price relief program is just the latest example of how Digital Alert Systems is committed to providing the best possible products and services for the emergency alerting community.”


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