Sinclair Renews Comscore Local OTT Measurement Deal

Comscore today announced the renewal of its local OTT measurement partnership with Sinclair Compulse360, a local OTT content and advertising platform. As a part of this agreement, Comscore will provide currency-grade, independent third-party validation and measurement for all of Compulse360’s OTT campaigns, with both local market and national volume reported for their clients

“We launched Compulse360 with Comscore as our OTT validation and measurement partner with great success last year,” said Brian Hunt, head of OTT/CTV advertising sales, Sinclair Digital Group. “With that successful proven track record, we are excited to renew our local OTT partnership with Comscore and look forward to continuing to grow Compulse360’s services, solutions and success on behalf of our clients.”

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“Sinclair Compulse360 was Comscore’s first local OTT measurement client, and we are pleased to have evolved the product to help Sinclair achieve its goals,” said Steve Walsh, EVP, commercial, Comscore.  “We are delighted to be renewing our commitment to each other, and to local OTT measurement excellence, with Sinclair Compulse360 today.”

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