LTN Global And Amazon Web Services Expand Collaboration

LTN Global, a provider of transformative media technology and video transport network solutions, announces seamless interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaConnect to let customers distribute content to hundreds of locations via LTN’s low-latency multicast IP network and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The solution allows customers to take advantage of distribution feeds going back and forth from AWS Elemental MediaConnect to the LTN network, while using the LTN multicast network and backbone infrastructure. The interoperability will allow customers to originate and send live video between AWS Elemental MediaConnect and LTN for both fulltime and occasional use feeds, and to seamlessly manage and schedule these feeds through the LTN Portal.

“It has never been easier for cloud playout and workflow customers to move high-quality live video content around the world with such speed and reliability,” said Malik Khan, LTN global co-founder and executive chairman. “LTN Global continues to provide innovative workflow solutions to the toughest challenges facing content owners producing high-value events remotely. This expanded partnership with AWS offers both of our customers high reliability, low latency and a seamless integration with on-ramps and off-ramps to both networks.”

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LTN said: “This expanded partnership brings the best live video experience to customers with the new LTN-AWS Elemental MediaConnect workflow management system and AWS Entitlements integration. It promises the full capability to start, configure, process and monitor flows between the two, without the need to alter existing workflows or handle network configurations between LTN and AWS.”

Customers can book an AWS Elemental MediaConnect source (transmitter) or destination (receiver) on a specific AWS region via the LTN Portal. This enhancement lets customers transport live video into, between and out of AWS. It also lets them use AWS Elemental MediaConnect to transport live video streams to a large number of destinations via the LTN Network.

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The ongoing collaboration with AWS builds on the existing relationship forged, most recently in May of this year, when LTN achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network, the highest tier within the APN for Technology Partners.


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