‘Tommy’s Garage’ Signs With KZBZ

KZBZ Amarillo, Texas (DMA 132) just cleared Tommy’s Garage, the conservative comedy show. “This is our 10th market,” Tom Adkins, the show’s host and executive producer, noted. “We are expanding deeper into America. We have a 2.9 year-to-date Comscore average at WLFI West Lafayette, Ind., and a 3.3 at WCBI Columbus, Ohio.”

So why is Tommy’s Garage not in every market? According to Adkins, “First, the industry has been conditioned to fear conservative programming, even when it’s successful and racks up great numbers. But when they clear Tommy’s Garage and the numbers roll in? We dominate. And so far? Zero complaints.

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“Second, since media groups have begun dominating television, programmers tend to fill out their schedules with long-term syndication contracts. But those contracts are stuffed with shows that are past their shelf life. So, when I knock on their door with Tommy’s Garage, and they see our ratings? Even the most enthusiastic station managers have their hands tied. It’s actually an uphill battle.”

Asked to explain the success of Tommy’s Garage, Adkins says: “Most Americans believe TV production has become a propaganda choir for liberals. That leaves about 100 million Americans waiting for something different. When Tommy’s Garage shows up? Boom! Ratings explosion.”

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In addition to KZBZ, Tommy’s Garage is currently cleared by WLFI Lafayette, Ind.; WQRF Rockford, Ill.; KTPN Tyler, Texas; WCBI Columbus, Miss.; KTBY Anchorage, Alaska; WTVQ Lexington, Ky.; OATN; OJUD; and NUDU (KBPX Houston).

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