Station Trading Roundup: 2 Deals, $760,500

The purchase of WARZ-CD Raleigh-Durham, N.C., by Capitol Broadcasting tops the latest list of TV station transactions submitted to the FCC for its approval, according to BIA Advisory Services.

WARZ-CD Raleigh-Durham, NC — PRICE: $725,000 BUYER: Capitol Broadcasting Inc (James Goodmon, president/CEO) SELLER: Waters & Brock Communications (Gerald Waters, president) FACILITIES: DTV Ch 23, 15.000 kW, ant.351 ft. AFFILIATION: RTV

KBFY-LP Fortuna, AZ — PRICE: $5,500 BUYER: Chang Broadcasting (Jeff Chang, partner) SELLER: Powell Meredith Communications (Amy Meredith, president) FACILITIES: Ch 41, 1.800 kW, ant.1,685 ft. AFFILIATION: IND

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