The Big Five also plan to introduce at least eight more new shows in midseason (one sitcom, four dramas and three reality shows) as football ends and other shows take breaks. That's 36 new shows total.

The Big Five broadcast networks will bring America 28 new primetime shows this fall, including 14 dramas, 13 sitcoms and a single unscripted show.


But that’s not all. ABC, Fox and NBC have also scheduled eight other new shows (one sitcom, four dramas and three unscripted) for January or midseason debuts. They will take over for short-term unscripted shows, pick up where the NFL leaves off on NBC or step in so hit shows like ABC’s Lost can take a midseason break.


Plus, Fox is bringing a ton of new programming to primetime with its second network, My Network Television. Each night, the network will air two back-to-back hour-long telenovelas of short-term series, Desire and Secret Obsessions.  Each series tells a story in 65 daily episodes over 13 weeks.

Altogether, the broadcast networks have so far scheduled 36 new programs for the 2006-07 season, 38 if you count MNT’s two series or 41 if you also count ABC’s Saturday night college football and NBC’s Sunday night NFL football and its pre-game show.



Here’s a network-by-network review of what’s new.


ABC will enter the new season with nine new shows—five comedies and four dramas.


The comedies: Betty the Ugly (one hour), Big Day, Help Me Help You, Let’s Rob… and Notes from the Underbelly. The dramas: Brothers & Sisters, Men in Trees, The Nine, Six Degrees.  A fifth new drama, Day Break, will fill in for Lost when it takes a midseason break. An unscripted contest show, Set for the Rest of Your Life, steps in after a run of Dancing with the Stars.


Ready as possible midseason replacements but not yet scheduled are one sitcom (In Case of Emergency), two unscripted series (Just for Laughs and Greg Behrendt’s Wake-Up Call) and one drama (Traveler).


CBS is keeping things simple, introducing just four new shows in the fall. The newcomers include three dramas (Smith, Jericho and Shark) and one sitcom (The Class).


Fox has picked up nine new primetime shows—four dramas, three sitcoms and two unscripted shows. But they won’t be making their debuts simultaneously in the fall.


The network placed three of the dramas (Vanished, Standoff and Justice), two of the sitcoms (‘Til Death and Happy Hour) and one of the scripted shows (Duets) on the fall schedule. But the drama The Wedding Album and the sitcom The Winner won’t appear until January. The other unscripted show, On the Lot, is not due until the spring.


Fox also slated a half-hour talk show, Talk Show with Spike Feresten, to run after MADtv on Saturday nights starting on Sept. 16.


NBC has scheduled six new dramas, two new sitcoms and a new unscripted show. Four of the dramas (Heroes, Kidnapped, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip and Friday Night Lights) are on the fall schedule. Two others (The Black Donnellys and Raines) join the lineup in January. Also bowing in in January will be the unscripted show, America’s Got Talent.


NBC is holding two other sitcoms (Andy Barker, P.I., and The Singles Table) in reserve as midseason replacements.


The CW fall schedule comprises parts of UPN and The WB plus two new shows—a sitcom (The Game) and a drama (Runaway). Its unscheduled midseason replacement drama is Hidden Palms.


TVNewsCheck’s exclusive five-network grid (below) shows basically what the networks are planning for the fall. Check the footnotes for midseason replacement plans. To get a better look at the grid, click on the “Print” button at the top of this page. New shows appear in blue cells. Shows in new time slots appear in purple cells.


 8:00 Wife Swap How I Met Your Mother Prison Break (2) Deal or No Deal 7th Heaven
 8:30 Class
 9:00 The Bachelor (1) Two and a Half Men Vanished (1) Heroes Runaway
 9:30 The New Adventures of Old Christine
 10:00 What About Brian CSI: Miami Medium


 8:00 Dancing with Stars (2) NCIS Standoff/American Idol (2) Friday Night Lights Gilmore Girls
 9:00 Let’s Rob… The Unit House Kidnapped Veronica Mars
 9:30 Help Me Help You
 10:00 Boston Legal  Smith Law & Order: SVU


 8:00 Dancing with Stars (3) Jericho Bones (3) The Biggest Loser America’s Next Top Model (1)
 9:00 Lost (4) Criminal Minds Justice (3) 20 Good Years One Tree Hill
 9:30 30 Rock
 10:00 The Nine CSI: NY Law & Order


 8:00 Big Day Survivor ‘Til Death My Name is Earl Smallville
 8:30 Notes from the Underbelly Happy Hour The Office
 9:00 Grey’s Anatomy CSI The O.C. Studio 60 Supernatural
 10:00 Six Degrees Shark ER (1)


 8:00 Betty the Ugly Ghost Whisperer Nanny 911 (3) Deal or No Deal Friday Night Smackdown
 9:00 Men in Trees Close to Home Trading Spouses (4) Las Vegas
 10:00 20/20 Numb3rs Law & Order: Criminal Intent


 8:00 Saturday Night College Football Crimetime Saturday Cops Dateline Saturday
 8:30 Cops
 9:00 Crimetime Saturday America’s Most Wanted Drama encore
 10:00 48 Hours Mystery Dateline Saturday


 7:00 America’s Funniest Home Videos 60 Minutes NFL football overrun (5) Football Night in America Everybody Hates Chris
 7:30 All of Us
 8:00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Amazing Race The Simpsons NFL Sunday Night Football Girlfriends
 8:30 American Dad The Game
 9:00 Desperate Housewives Cold Case Family Guy America’s Next Top Model (encore)
 9:30 The War at Home
10:00 Brothers and Sisters Without a Trace  



1) After one cycle of The Bachelor, Supernanny takes over the slot.
2) After one cycle of Dancing with the Stars, the unscripted newcomer Set for the Rest of Your Life takes over the slot.
3) After one cycle of Dancing with the Stars, returning sitcoms George Lopez and According to Jim step in.
4) A new drama, Day Break, takes over the time slot while Lost takes a break midway through the season.


1) In January, Vanished vanishes, giving the slot back to 24.
2) The new drama Standoff stands in for American Idol at the beginning of the season. When Idol returns in January, Standoff moves to Monday at 8 so that Prison Break can take a break. Prison Break returns with another “chapter” before the end of the season.
3) In January, Justice moves out of the 9 o’clock slot to make room for American Idol: Results and The Loop. Justice replaces Bones at 8. Bones, in turn, moves to Friday at 8, replacing Nanny 911.
4) In January, The Wedding Album replaces Trading Spaces.
5) In January, after the football season, sitcom encores air at 7 and King of the Hill takes over at 7:30.


1) In January, the new drama The Black Donnellys replaces ER.
2) After football season, America’s Got Talent steps in for Football Night.
3) After football season, NFL football is replaced by The Apprentice at 9 and the new drama Raines at 10.


1) Two cycles of America’s Next Top Model bookend one cycle of Beauty and the Geek.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS (green=comedies; black=dramas, unscripted series)



Let’s Rob… (Tuesday, 9-9:30)— A janitor and his gang of misfits plan to rob Mick Jagger’s swanky Central Park West apartment. Jagger pops into the plot from time to time. Donal Logue (Grounded for Life) stars.

Help Me Help You (Tuesday, 9:30-10)—Group therapy can be fun. Ted Danson (Cheers, Becker)stars.

The Nine (Wednesday, 10-11)—Nine people survive a 52-hour bank hostage ordeal and find their lives intertwined. Tim Daly (Wings), Chi McBride (Boston Public) and Scott Wolf (Party of Five) star.

Day Break (Wednesday, 9-10, fills in for Lost during its midseason break)—Fugitive cop Brett Hopper finds himself reliving his days a la Groundhog Day, but that’s OK. It gives him a chance to figure out who framed him. Taye Diggs (Kevin Hill) stars.

Big Day (Thursday, 8-8:30)—It’s Father of the Bride meets 24. Marla Sokoloff (Desperate Housewives), Josh Cooke (Four Kings) and Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) star.

Notes from the Underbelly (Thursday, 8:30-9)—A couple’s world is turned upside down by news that they are going to have a baby. Peter Cambor and Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) star.

Six Degrees (Thursday, 10-11)—Six New Yorkers go about their lives without realizing the impact they’re having on one another until fate bring them closer together. Bridget Moynahan (Sex and the City), Dorian Missick (Lucky Number Slevin), Hope Davis (About Schmidt) and Campbell Scott (The Secret Lives of Dentists) star.

Betty the Ugly (Friday, 8-9)—A plain Jane and a playboy magazine publisher take on the fashion world. America Ferrera (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and Eric Mabius (The L Word) star.

Men in Trees (Friday, 9-10)—A relationship coach finds true happiness and humility in a small town. Anne Heche (Nip/Tuck) stars.

Brothers & Sisters (Sunday, 10-11)—A family just tries to get along. Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) stars alongside Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) and Ron Rifkin (Alias).


Traveler (unscheduled)—Two college friends find themselves caught up in a mystery surrounding a terrorist bombing. Matthew Bomer (Tru Calling) and Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C.) star.

In Case of Emergency (unscheduled)—A group of high school classmates finds they have more in common after graduation. Jonathan Silverman (Jekyll), David Arquette (Scream), Greg Germann (Ally McBeal), Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King) and Lori Laughlin (Full House) star.

Just for Laughs (unscheduled)—The latest incarnation of Candid Camera.

Greg Behrendt’s Wake-Up Call (unscheduled)—The latest incarnation of Dr. Phil.



The Class (Monday, 8:30-9)—A group of 20-somethings are united by a common experience. They went to third grade together. Jason Ritter (Joan of Arcadia), Heather Goldenhersh (The Merchant of Venice), Lizzy Caplan (Related), Jon Bernthal (Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman), Sean Maguire (Eve), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Putnam County Spelling Bee), Lucy Punch (Ella Enchanted) and Andrea Anders (Joey) star.

Smith (Tuesday, 10-11)—A criminal mastermind directs a close-knit crew of career criminals who plot and execute high-stakes heists across the country. Ray Liotta (ER, Goodfellas) stars.

Jericho (Wednesday, 8-9)—The residents of a small Kansas town wonder if they’re the only Americans left alive after a nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon and they are cut off from the rest of the world. Skeet Ulrich (Scream), Gerald McRaney (Ike: Countdown to D-Day), Ashley Scott (Dark Angel), Pamela Reed (Proof of Life), Kenneth Mitchell (The Recruit), Lennie James (Sahara), Sprague Grayden (Six Feet Under), Michael Gaston (Prison Break) and Erik Knudsen (Saw II) star.

Shark (Thursday, 10-11)—A self-confident defense attorney brings his cutthroat tactics to the prosecutor’s office. James Woods (Ghosts of Mississippi, ER) stars.



Vanished (Monday, 9-10)—The beautiful young wife of a prominent Georgia Senator is missing. But before the FBI can solve the mystery of where she is, they first need to figure out who she really is. Joanne Kelly (Whiskey Echo), John Allen Nelson (24), Gale Harold (Queer as Folk, Martha Behind Bars) and Rebecca Gayheart (Nip/Tuck, Harvard Man) star.

Standoff (Tuesday, 8-9)—FBI hostage negotiators are not only good at what they do, they are lovers. Ron Livingston (Sex and the City, House), Rosemarie DeWitt (Cinderella Man) and Gina Torres (Alias, Firefly, 24) star.

Justice (Wednesday, 9-10)—A dream team of four lawyers from disparate backgrounds join forces to tackle the most controversial and newsworthy cases in our media age. Victor Garber (Alias, Titanic), Kerr Smith (Charmed), Eamonn Walker (Oz) and Rebecca Mader (The Devil Wears Prada) star.

‘Til Death (Thursday, 8-8:30)—Two couples live next door to each other. One has been married for 8,743 days; the other for 12. It’s age and cynicism versus youth and idealism. Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), Joely Fisher (Desperate Housewives), Kat Foster (Law & Order) and Eddie Kaye Thomas (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) star.

Happy Hour (Thursday, 8:30-9)—A big fish in the small pond of Amsterdam, Mo., lets his girlfriend talk him into moving to Chicago where it all goes wrong. John Sloan (The OH in Ohio), Brooke D’Orsay (King’s Ransom) and Lex Medlin (Still Standing) star.

The Wedding Album (Friday, 9-10, starting January 2007)—A much-in-demand wedding photographer leads a carefree, playboy life until he hires a feisty female assistant and is drawn into her world. Bruno Campos (Nip/Tuck, ER), Tara Summers (Alfie), Eva Pigford (America’s Top Model) and Jayce Bartok (Law & Order) star.

Duets (unscripted, Thursday and Friday, September, times to be determined)—Established singing stars team with celebrities outside the music industry to make beautiful music together and compete for charity.

On the Lot (unscripted, Spring 2007)—Aspiring director/filmmakers from across the country vie for a studio development deal.

The Winner (day and time to be determined)—A 43-and-a-half-year-old man recalls how he transformed himself from a fear-riddled underachiever who still lived at home to the richest man in Buffalo in just 10 years. Rob Corddry (The Daily Show) and Erinn Hayes (Everwood, Kitchen Confidential) star.



Heroes (Monday, 9-10)—Ordinary people discover they have super powers. Sendhil Ramamurthy (Blind Guy Driving), Milo Ventimiglia (The Bedford Diaries), Adrian Pasdar (Judging Amy), Hayden Panettiere (Ice Princess), Ali Larter (Final Destination), Noah Gray-Cabey (My Wife & Kids), Leonard Roberts (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Santiago Cabrera (Empire), Tawny Cypress, (Third Watch), Greg Grunberg (Alias) and Masi Oka (Scrubs) star.

Friday Night Lights (Tuesday, 8-9)—A high school football team in a small Texas town tries to win on and off the field. Inspired by the movie. Kyle Chandler (King Kong) stars.

Kidnapped (Tuesday, 9-10)—The teenaged son of a wealthy Upper East Side family is kidnapped and everyone is a suspect. Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), Delroy Lindo (The Core), Emmy winner Dana Delany (China Beach), Timothy Hutton (Kinsey), Mykelti Williamson (Boomtown), Linus Roache (Batman Begins), Carmen Ejogo (Lackawanna Blues), Will Denton (Palindromes) and Boris McGiver (The Pink Panther) star.

20 Good Years (Wednesday, 9-9:30)—Two New Yorkers finally realized that life doesn’t last forever. John Lithgow (3rd Rock from the Sun) and Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) star.

30 Rock  (Wednesday, 9:30-10)—A single woman is head writer on a demanding, live TV program in New York City. Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls) and Alec Baldwin (The Aviator, The Cooler) star.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (Thursday, 9-10)—Emmy Award-winning executive producer-writer Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) returns to television with the drama behind the scenes of a popular, late-night comedy sketch show. Sarah Paulson (Down with Love), D.L. Hughley (The Hughleys), Nathan Corddry (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), Timothy Busfield (thirtysomething), Evan Handler (Sex and the City) and Carlos Jacott (Being John Malkovich) star.

The Black Donnellys (Thursday, 10-11, debuts in January 2007)—Four young, working-class Irish brothers tough it out in New York City. Jonathan Tucker (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Billy Lush (Huff), Thomas Guiry (Mystic River), Michael Stahl-David (Uncle Nino), Keith Nobbs (25th Hour), Olivia Wilde (The O.C.) and Kirk Acevedo (Oz) star.

Football Night In America (Sunday, 7-8)—Bob Costas reviews the afternoon action and previews the big game coming up.

Sunday Night Football (Sunday, 8-11)—Al Michaels will call the games with John Madden.

Raines (Sunday, 10-11, debuts in January 2007)—An LAPD detective can speak to murder victims. Jeff Goldblum (The Lost World: Jurassic Park) stars.

America’s Got Talent (Sunday, 8-9, debuts in January 2007)—Regis Philbin presides over this national talent contest from producer Simon Cowell.


Andy Barker, P.I. (unscheduled)—A self-employed CPA becomes a private detective. Andy Richter stars.

The Singles Table (unscheduled)—Strangers meet at a singles table at a wedding and become buddies. John Cho (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle), Conor Dubin (Close to Home), Jarrad Paul (The Shaggy Dog) and Rhea Seehorn (Modern Men) star.

The CW


The Game (Sunday, 8:30-9)—The girlfriend of a pro football player knows the real action is not on the field. Aldis Hodge, Coby Bell, Tia Mowry, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson star.

Runaway (Monday, 9-10)—The Raders look like a normal middle-class American family, but dad is an accused murderer hiding from the law—and the real killer. Donnie Wahlberg, Leslie Hope, Dustin Milligan, Sarah Ramos, Nathan Gamble, Susan Floyd and Karen LeBlanc star.


Hidden Palms (unscheduled)—A teenager learns the secrets that lie just beneath the surface of his Palm Springs neighborhood. Michael Cassidy, Taylor Handley, Amber Heard, Sharon Lawrence, D.W. Moffet, Gail O’Grady, Ellary Porterfield and Cheryl White star.

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