NAB 2011

Harmonic Now Twice As Nice With Omneon

Since its merger with Omneon last year, Harmonic now serves customers on the both the content and delivery chain.

Harmonic is attending its first NAB since it acquired Omneon last year — a marriage so new that the company has two booths on the convention floor this year, booked before the deal was done.

Patrick Harshman, president-CEO, said that the combined company had revenues of $500 milion in 2010, a record.

The merged entity, he said during his presentation at an NAB press conference, neatly serves customers on the both the content and delivery chain, with Omneon video servers and Harmonic’s content management gear creating coordinated products.

Harmonic calculates 32 percent of its business is with broadcast clients. “We really picked up the pace of innovation and development” since the acquisition, Harshman said.

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Among its new products featured at NAB is the Omneon MediaGrid ContentServer 3000, cheaper by 30% from earlier versions, measured by its gigabit output. It can support more than  20 NLE clients.

It’s also pushing the Spectrum Media Center which has 16 TB of storage, enough to take care of a dozen HD channels. That’s useful for moderate-size operations.


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