Monday-Friday and individual day ratings will be reported on Thursday for the previous week.

My Network TV and Nielsen Media Research announced today they have entered an agreement to include MNT in Nielsen’s National People Meter ratings service, known as the National Television Index. With this agreement, which became effective on Sept. 5, MNT will be reported in the national ratings along with all other national broadcast networks.

MNT’s two weekday primetime programs air as “strip” programming (Monday to Friday).  Their ratings will be reported on the Thursday following the close of the week, when most other network strip programming is reported. While there will be no national overnight data released daily for MNT, individual day ratings will be reported along with the Monday to Friday average on Thursdays.

MNT will also air two regular weekly prime programs on Saturday nights that will serve as re-caps of the week’s Monday-Friday episodes. The ratings for the Saturday primetime shows will be released on Tuesday mornings, along with other weekend primetime program ratings.

“My Network TV will be reported and available to agencies and advertisers on both a Monday to Friday and individual day basis from Nielsen’s National Television Index,” said Dave Barrington, senior vice president of ad sales for MNT. “We thank Nielsen for all their efforts in helping bring the MNT NTI contract to fruition.”

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