LiveU Packs Now Integrated With Hitachi Cams

Hitachi and LiveU entered into a partnership that integrates the bonded cellular company’s LU40 video uplink pack with all of Hitachi’s professional video cameras, allowing users to view and manage LiveU’s transmission status and video quality in real-time, through the camera’s viewfinder.

Hitachi and LiveU are also working on a sales solution, where Hitachi would pitch customers on buying LiveU’s LU40 camera pack with one of their news cameras.

“The Hitachi collaboration is an important step in LiveU’s global strategy to offer live capabilities to professional camera operators and simplifying the workflow in the field,” said Samuel Wasserman, LiveU CEO, in a statement. “Our development teams are working closely together to build a unique solution serving many different markets.”

Hitachi isn’t the first professional camera line to partner with LiveU. In February, Panasonic began integrating its cameras with LiveU’s LU40 solution, offering the same capabilities of managing transmission status and video quality from the camera’s viewfinder.

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