Dyle Launches Mobile DTV Campaign Today

A joint-venture of 12 major broadcast groups across 12 markets plan to launch a number of on-air, digital and live interactive events to promote Dyle’s mobile TV service and new Audiovox wireless receiver.

Dyle launches a marketing campaign today to boost awareness of its mobile DTV service and new Audiovox wireless receiver.

A joint-venture of 12 broadcast groups are helping with the campaign through a number of on-air, digital and live interactive events across 12 markets. Dyle plans to run the campaign through Jan. 19. Participating groups include Pearl, NBC, Fox, IonN, Sinclair, Univision and CBS. Markets include Atlanta (DMA 9); Charlotte, N.C. (DMA 25); Cincinnati, Ohio (DMA 35); Dallas (DMA 5); Detroit (DMA 11); Houston (DMA 10); Jacksonville, Fla. (DMA 48); Kansas City, Mo. (DMA 31); Miami (DMA 16); Orlando, Fla. (DMA 18); Phoenix (DMA 12); and West Palm Beach, Fla. (DMA 38).

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National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Gordon Smith applauded the effort of local TV stations for promoting the service and new Audiovox device, which launched two weeks ago. The handheld device includes a six-inch antenna, but connects to iOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi instead of requiring the consumer to plug it into the tablet or smartphone.

“Broadcasters are committed to delivering live and local television to on-the-go viewers, and we look forward to the continued evolution of our programming to new receivers and multiple platforms,” Smith said in a statement.

Dyle issued a statement saying the initiative demonstrates local TV’s commitment in helping drive adoption of mobile DTV.

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“We are still in the early phases of this movement and as we continue to deliver new innovations to market, we believe the foundations we have built will prove fruitful for the entire broadcasting industry.”


A video from the campaign:

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Ellen Samrock says:

October 28, 2013 at 11:35 am

It looks like Dyle didn’t get the memo.

Ben Gao says:

October 31, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Do they have a dongle to plug into an Apple device so if you’re at junior’s soccer game you can watch TV out in the open where there is not WiFi, only real “RF” TV signals??

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