IBC 2015: MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems

At the upcoming IBC 2015 Show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sept. 11-15, MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems will exhibit a number of new products that help international broadcasters and video professionals acquire high-resolution video faster and send the uncompressed signals farther over a single fiber-optic cable.

New products include:

Truly Universal HUT System

MultiDyne will show a new version of its SMPTE Hybrid Universal Transmission (HUT) Extender that works with any SMPTE-Based HD Camera. No other system in the industry can accommodate so many different camera models, but instead are designed to work with a single camera manufacturer’s products. The new MultiDyne Universal SMPTE Hut system avoids the limitations of SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper cables and allows users to separate their cameras from their CCUs by distances of over 10Km using inexpensive, conventional single mode fiber, which has many advantages over SMPTE hybrid cable. In addition, the universal hut is about half the size of the existing, already compact HUT and has a battery backup option as well.

SilverBack-III 4K6 camera-back transceiver

This new configuration of the proven MultiDyne Silverback family of fiber-optic transceivers that provides six 3 Gbps signals directly from a single camera or multiple cameras to a base station, located near the camera or miles away. Current uses include high-resolution virtual reality applications for live sports viewing at home using specialized viewing devices.


SilverBack-III camera-back transceiver

The company will show another new addition to its latest generation SilverBack line, the SilverBack-III, which offers all of the “system” features of the popular SilverBack 4K5 transceiver (for 4K projects), but is designed for high-quality, multi-camera 1080p/30/60 fps HD productions.

Mini eXchange Converter: HDMI- to-Fiber/Fiber-to-HDMI

Multidyne continues to expand its new line of compact and highly affordable Mini eXchange converters and at IBC 2015 it will display new HDMI (copper)-to-Fiber as well as Fiber-to-HDMI models, to complement the already popular HD SDI-to- HDMI (and vice versa) versions.

Optical Router Control For OpenGear Platform

Broadcasters are slowly making the transition to video file delivery over an IP infrastructure and MultiDyne is poised to make that migration smooth and familiar to veteran engineers. At IBC MultiDyne will show its EOS 4000 and 5000 optical electrical switches and the company’s full line of signal conversion units (analog video-, HD- and DVI-to-fiber, and back again) being frame-accurately controlled over a single fiber-optic cable. The EOS 4000 and 5000 optical electrical switches are mounted into a one RU OpenGear frame.

At IBC 2015 Multidyne will also demonstrate its existing SilverBack 4K5 Camera-Back Transceiver with new feature enhancements that improve intercom performance and other “system” components for the camera operator. The MultiDyne SilverBack 4K5 system allows users to convert any quad-link camera into a fully “systemized” live production camera with full Intercom and camera control directly to/from the CCU (which can be locate virtually anywhere).

The SilverBack 4K5, the most compact system of its type on the market, provides a full-bandwidth fiber-optic link between any quad-link or dual-link 4K camera and the truck, control room, or “video village.” Users can acquire and send all of the required signals needed for multi-camera 4K/UHD TV production over a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable.

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