IBC 2015 Tech: Dalet Digital Media Systems

Dalet Digital Media Systems | Stand 8.B77 | Website: www.dalet.com

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a provider of software-based solutions for media organizations, continues the evolution of its Dalet Galaxy media asset management platform, showcasing at IBC new technology and workflow advancements that give content owners greater control and visibility over the enterprise production and distribution ecosystem. The new capabilities include work order tracking, media packaging, native subtitling support, tighter social media integration and enhanced collaboration tools.

Following (Work) Orders

Dalet is demonstrating its new “Work Order” feature for the first time. Providing unprecedented visibility, the new capability lets users review the status of complex ongoing work orders within the Dalet MAM. In addition, the Dalet Galaxy MAM will be able to store the history of work orders, allowing users to easily search and summarize historical reports.

Perfect Packaging

The new Dalet Media Packages feature further simplifies the ability to manage complex assets across the enterprise. At a glance, Dalet users can see all of the elements associated with a complex asset, including the relationships between assets, visually mapped out.


Wrangling Subtitles

Dalet comes to IBC2015 with a standards-based strategy that manages complex captioning workflows across all three of its platforms — Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Brio and Dalet AmberFin. With the ability to read and write standards-constrained TTML, caption and subtitle data are now searchable and editable inside the Dalet Galaxy MAM. Dalet AmberFin tools extract and insert subtitle and caption data to and from standard subtitle and caption transport including TTML, making the data available in Galaxy, while Dalet Brio is able to capture caption- and subtitle-containing ancillary data packets to disk and play them back completing the end-to-end caption and sub-title workflow management.

Better Social Connections and Ways to Chat

Ensuring content owners can reach their audience in the most effective way, Dalet Galaxy now publishes directly to social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. A must in today’s connected world, the ability to distribute content to multiple platforms via one program gives content owners the power to magnify efforts without increasing resources, simultaneously broadcasting content on-air and via second-screen services.

Adding to the MAM’s social capabilities, the newly redesigned chat and messaging module provides Dalet Galaxy, Dalet WebSpace and the Dalet On-the-Go mobile application with a unified, modern chat interface with support for persistent chats, group chats, messaging offline users and much more.

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