Broadcasters Mobilize For Hurricane Harvey

Broadcasters are making final preparation as Hurricane Harvey churns toward the Texas coastline. Government officials are urging the public to tune to local radio and TV stations for critical information. The FCC also has new EAS event codes that may get their first use in the potentially catastrophic storm.


WSVN Miami Introduces The ‘Plex Deck’


What Tegna Is Learning About AR, 3D

With changing TV viewing habits, Tegna’s NBC-ABC combo in Jacksonville, Fla., is experimenting with augmented reality and 3D technologies to grab viewers’ attention and enhance the storytelling experience. During recent newscasts, anchors in the studio have dodged a school bus and shared the screen with a circling shark — both virtual, of course. News Director Meagan Harris talks about the experiments.


Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel Moving To Digital

DMA 18

Aug. Orlando Ratings: WFTV Back, WESH Wins 11

Brokaw: Trump’s Media Attacks ‘Cheap Shot’

Legendary NBC broadcaster Tom Brokaw blasted President Trump’s criticism of the news media on Thursday, firing back after Trump questioned at a rally earlier this week whether members of the press liked the country.


Pregnant Newscaster Responds To Offended Viewers

New L.A. Times CEO’s Salary: $1 Million

The new CEO and publisher of the Los Angeles Times will have a starting salary of $1 million, and he’s positioned to make much more depending on the financial success of the Times and the company that owns it, Tronc. Ross Levinsohn, 54, the former interim CEO of Yahoo, took over as the head of the Times on Monday in a leadership shakeup at the newspaper.

Media Lets Loose Its Fury After Trump Attacks

Members of the media blasted back at President Trump on Wednesday after he railed against the press at a rally and called journalists “dishonest people” who “don’t like our country.” Acrimony between the Trump White House and the media has been escalating for months, but the latest round of attacks and counterattacks was notable for its bare-knuckle ferocity.

ABC Finishes No. 1 In Eclipse Ratings Race

25.6 million viewers watched Monday afternoon TV coverage of the eclipse. 27.8 million viewers watched President Trump’s Afghanistan address that night.

ESPN Host Ryen Russillo Arrested for Trespassing

How Local News Covers News That’s Not Local

Can Levinsohn Spark Growth At LA Times?

Ross Levinsohn is used to tough jobs. But this week, the 54-year-old digital media executive took on what could be his most difficult assignment yet: figuring out how to generate more revenue from the journalism produced by the 135-year-old Los Angeles Times at a time when the news industry is grappling with sweeping shifts in consumer behavior and a proliferation of online outlets.

Carl Cameron Is Retiring From Fox News


WITN Mourns Death Of ND Stephanie Shoop

The news director of Gray’s NBC affiliate in Greenville, N.C., died unexpectedly at her home Tuesday morning. She was 46 and married to WITN’s Dave Jordan.


WTVR Richmond Debuts New News Set


Blending Cellular, Ku Nets Equal Reliability

IP newsgathering specialist Dejero and global satellite service provider Intelsat have partnered to offer the TV industry a new service that blends Ku-band satellite and cellular network bandwidth into a one-button-push service for IP news contribution from the field. Dejero founder Bogdan Frusina explains why the service is necessary, how existing Ka-band users can get on board, what Intelsat brings to the party and how the new service will add another option to relieve network congestion at big events like political conventions.

Sinclair Said Pondering Bannon Collaboration

David Smith, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s executive chairman and largest shareholder, is close to Steve Bannon and an admirer, according to people who know them both. He is keen to increase Sinclair’s heft in conservative commentary, a market currently dominated by Fox News Channel, and is eyeing a collaboration with Bannon, according to the Financial Times.

Facebook Makes It Easier To ID News Organizations

NPR Taps Chapin To Lead Journalism Net Rollout


Mario Diaz Joins KPRC As Investigative Reporter


Nick Filipowski Moves Crosstown To WIVB

DMA 31

San Antonio Film Critic Bob Polunsky Dies At 85

Unbridled, Defensive, Trump Attracks Press

At his rally in Phoenix Tuesday evening, President Trump defended his stance on the racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Va., and accused the “dishonest media” of distorting his words. (AP photo)

Tegna Aims To Break Formulas At Stations

Tegna has wrapped its fifth innovation summit. A spokesperson says the two-day innovation summit brought more than 30 reporters, producers and digital journalists from 20 stations across the country to its headquarters in McLean, Va. This year’s theme was “Escape the Ordinary.”

Eclipse Draws 5.1M Viewers To Cable News

ESPN Pulls Announcer Robert Lee From UVA Game

Fox News’ Carl Cameron Set To Retire


Anzio Williams Makes History At WCAU

Williams, who along with WCAU President-GM Ric Harris forms the almost unheard-of big-city pairing of African Americans in those influential positions, made news this past spring when NBC10’s 11 p.m. broadcast was the most-watched late newscast among adults in the coveted 25 to 54 age demographic this past May.

‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Most-Watched Business News Show This Year