Audio-Technica Shipping High Density Wireless System

Audio-Technica, a supplier of transducer technology, is now shipping its 6000 Series High Density Wireless System, a spectrum-efficient solution that allows users to pack 31 channels in 4 MHz of bandwidth. The 2016 FCC Incentive Auction has resulted in a repack of the broadcast spectrum, reducing the amount of spectrum available for wireless microphone operations and driving […]

Dejero Unveils Two HEVC Products

Dejero has added two new products to support HEVC (H.265) encoding and decoding. Dejero PathWay and Dejero WayPoint enable the use of HEVC video compression in support of remote and mobile broadcasting, a feature that is particularly relevant to on-location teams working with limited bandwidth. “We’re leveraging the efficiencies of HEVC while applying novel techniques […]

ITG Supports FCC Ownership, 3.0 Actions

The group of independent stations says the commission should to go further at its Nov. 16 vote on relaxing the ban against owning two Big 4 affils in a market. It also suggested that the FCC defer a final decision on the must-carry status of Next Gen TV signals.


Avid, Viacom In Production Infrastructure Deal

A multi-year agreement is designed to enable more flexible, scalable and virtualized production across Viacom’s premier entertainment brands, providing tools for greater efficiencies and creative collaboration, in addition to lower operational costs.

Turner, Intel To Show NBA Games In VR

Turner Sports has partnered with Intel to broadcast weekly NBA on TNT games in virtual reality beginning with the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend, which will be held Feb. 16-18, 2018. In the multi-year deal, Intel will become the exclusive provider of VR for the NBA on TNT and deliver live content for weekly matchups via its Intel True VR technology.

Sling TV Now Available On Samsung Smart TVs

CBC’s ‘The National’ Breaks Traditional Design Mold


NAB, CTA To Launch 3.0 Test Station

A joint NAB-CTA “Living Laboratory” in Cleveland is designed to help broadcasters and manufacturers prepare for the launch of ATSC 3.0 services.


FCC Locks In Dates For Lifting Mod Freeze

The FCC announced in October that it would be lifting its 2013 freeze on certain TV station modification applications that would increase a station’s coverage area. Today, it said the thaw will begin on Nov. 28, and will be quite short in duration, ending at 11:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 7. During this period, full-power and Class A TV stations that were not assigned a new channel in the repack will be able to file for minor modifications of their facilities.


Fire Prompts Evacuation At WRAL Studio

Overheard At Digiday Video Anywhere Summit

Nestled alongside the cliffs of Laguna Niguel, Calif., at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit, both digital and traditional media companies had a lot of things to gripe about. They also shared a lot of insights into what works and doesn’t work on social and streaming video platforms, as well as finding the right video talent. Here are some of the best things discussed at the event.

Altice USA, Sprint Agree To Wireless Partnership

Dielectric, Quincy Set Repack Deal For 9 TVs

The Phase One and Two deal covers antennas, filters and/or transmission line customized for each station, with Dielectric’s modeling software driving accelerated delivery timelines.

CenturyLink Completes Level 3 Acquisition


SUVs Take The Mobile Market By Storm

IP-based vehicles with on-air appeal are big sellers to stations. Many use a combination of point-of-view cameras and bonded cellular transmission to deliver “live and drive” pictures as they move down the road, both of the surrounding area and the on-air talent in the cabin. Many also feature heavy station branding and integrated pop-up flat panel displays, allowing them to serve as a studio in the field for live shots. Above, NBC Boston’s Weather Warrior from Accelerated Media Technologies.


The Evolution Of Live Production Audio

Modern and powerful — yet cost-effective — products are now helping broadcasters do more for less, and in less space. And cost reduction does not need to affect the quality of output. IP connectivity makes live event coverage even more affordable and accessible, allowing for cloud-based workflows and very cost-effective bulk transport of uncompressed media.


Sony Hits Decade High On Blow-Out Quarter

Sony Corp. is prospering again. Shares climbed 11% to their highest since 2008, after the company increased its annual operating profit outlook to a record 630 billion yen ($5.6 billion). That exceeded the 591 billion yen average that analysts were projecting.

Comcast Now Offers Netflix In 4K

Samsung Unveils Three New Co-CEOs

Three presidents at the technology giant have been elevated to co-CEOs in the wake of a bribery scandal: Kim Ki-nam, Kim Hyun-sukand Koh Dong-jin. They will serve as heads of the company’s device solutions, consumer electronics and IT and mobile divisions, respectively.

LTO Program Outlines Generation 8 Specifications

The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) — Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Quantum — have released the specifications of the latest LTO Ultrium format, generation 8, which is now available for licensing by media manufacturers. The LTO Program also released a new LTO technology roadmap, detailing specifications up to 12 generations of tape technology, extending the […]

The State Of Lighting Design In Broadcast

Lighting design is one of the most critical pieces of a broadcast studio, making or breaking the set design and helping the talent standout on-air. With that in mind and as part of its Focus on Lighting Design for Television, NewscastStudio recently convened an Industry Insights roundtable of lighting designers to talk about the state of the industry and changes they are seeing in production.

IMT Vislink Receives $360,000 Order

xG, a provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, announced that its IMT Vislink business has received a $360,000 order from a prominent U.S. television station for its NewStream comprehensive mobile broadcast transmission solution. NewStream is a multi-mode mobile transmission system that makes gathering and transmitting […]


WROC Overhauls On-Air Look, Adds Image Campaign


KOAT Albuquerque Rolls Out New Set

Retrans A Key Part Of FCC’s ATSC 3.0 Plan

Thursday evening the FCC released details of its proposal to OK ATSC 3.0 and retrans plays a big role. Under the proposed rules, must-carry protection would apply only to a broadcaster’s ATSC 1.0 transmission, not its new 3.0 signal, at least during the simulcasting period the FCC is planning to mandate to protect consumers during the transition. But the proposed rules also make clear that broadcasters will be free to negotiate retrans consent deals for carriage of their 3.0 programming, even during the simulcasting period.

FCC To Vote On ATSC 3.0 On Nov. 16

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai this afternoon confirmed that the agency will vote Nov. 16 on a proposal that would clear the way for broadcasters to use next-generation ATSC 3.0 technology. Details about the proposed regulations are not expected to be released until later this evening. But in a blog on the FCC’s website this afternoon (see here), Pai said the issue for the agency is whether to “allow television broadcasters to use Next Gen TV on a voluntary, market-driven basis. The bottom line is this: I want America to be at the forefront of innovation in the broadcast sector, the wireless sector, and every other sector of the communications industry.”

Camera Corps Clarity Live HFR Camera Available

The Camera Corps Clarity is a miniature camera delivering real-time live output and high frame rate SDI for use with slow motion replay servers. “The Clarity is far smaller than traditional high-speed broadcast camera heads yet can capture high quality HD at up to 480 frames per second, eight times real-time at 50p or 60p […]


IP Bandwidth Crunch Calls For Compression

As the broadcast industry coalesces around the new SMPTE standards for managing media over IP networks, there is still one piece missing: a compression standard to conserve bandwidth.


Drone Coverage Of Floods Earns KWWL Emmys

DMA 108

WCTV Tallahassee Gets A New Look