Local Super Bowl Advertising At A Glance

A breakdown of the top 100 television markets: Automotive was the top category, with restaurants also big. And hospitals were tops in small markets. Also airing in some markets: political ads.

Smaller Crowd For This Year’s Super Bowl

CBS draws 111.9 million total viewers for Broncos’ win over the Panthers, falling short of last year’s record. It’s still the third-most-watched show in TV history.

Offbeat, Upbeat Ads Dominate Super Bowl

On advertising’s biggest night, Chrysler celebrated Jeep with an ad featuring black-and-white portraits of veterans, kids and pop icons. In Audi’s spot, a depressed aging astronaut remembers his joy for life by driving an Audi sports car with his son. And in a quirky Doritos ad, a fetus in a sonogram appears to rocket out of the womb to chase a bag of chips the mother angrily tossed away.

Presidential Ad Blitz During Super Bowl

Political advertisers usually avoid the Bowl, but with key primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina up for grabs — and the Carolina Panthers in the game — Republicans pile in.

Super Bowl On ESPN Deportes Sold Out

ESPN Deportes may have had just six weeks in which to line up advertisers for its Spanish-language simulcast of Super Bowl 50, but with the Panthers and Broncos set to kick off in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday, buyers say el Gran Juego is sold out.


Frixxer Says, Skip The Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Ads Might Be A Snooze

The Super Bowl remains advertising’s biggest stage, especially as the broadcast TV audience fragments further thanks to Netflix and other on-demand TV services. Debate over the game-day ads will start on social media before the game and carry over to work the next day, so it’s crucial to stand out, without going so far as to offend. But this year, amplifying a trend seen the past few years, advertisers seem to be playing it extra safe. And that might mean a repeat of last year’s “Somber Bowl,” when viewers were turned off by too-serious ads.

GOP Groups Spend Over $1M On Super Bowl

At least four advertisers are buying 30-second spots before and during the big game in New Hampshire and South Carolina markets.

Celebs A Big Trend At This Year’s Super Bowl

They”ll be all over TV screens come Sunday night and the big game on CBS. Other things to watch for: Humor, nearly a dozen first-time advertisers and dot-coms flooding the field.

Amazon To Run Its First Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl Ads Reign, Even In Digital World

While Super Bowl ads still land the biggest bottom-line punch for companies, pairing those spots with digital ads in the weeks surrounding the big game is the best way to get the most bang for the buck, ad executives say.

Why Super Bowl Ads Are A Ripoff. Or Not

Media people debate the worthiness of Super Bowl advertising each year with a fervor usually reserved for discussions involving politics or religion. With that in mind, here is a list of the five best arguments for and against Super Bowl advertising.

Nissan Passes On Super Bowl 50 Ads

One year after returning to NFL Super Bowl advertising for the first time in 18 years, Nissan is back off the field. The company said Wednesday that it has decided to skip Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl Revs In 2016 Could Top $400M

This year’s Super Bowl could top $400 million, with nearly 50 minutes of total TV advertising. With commercials priced at almost the $5 million mark for a 30-second spot, the big sport event on CBS on Feb. 7 could hit more new record levels for advertising revenue, according to media buyers.

Lighter Tone Expected For Super Bowl Ads

TV ads often reflect the mood of the times, but many criticized those that aired during last year’s game as gloomy. This year, despite turmoil in the news, the spots are likely to be more fun.

Beyonce To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime

Pepsi confirmed on Thursday that the 34-year-old singer will perform at the Feb. 7 show at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. Last month, Coldplay announced it would perform at the halftime show. Beyonce and Coldplay recently collaborated on the band’s new album, A Head Full of Dreams.

SunTrust Doing Its First Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy A NoDaddy For Super Bowl 50

After a controversial Super Bowl spot last year, GoDaddy will not be returning for Super Bowl 50 in February. It’s part of the Web domain company’s effort to reposition its marketing strategy.

PayPal Will Run Its First Super Bowl Ad

PayPal will invest big bucks to introduce its “global vision for the future of money” in a 45-second commercial during the first quarter of Super Bowl 50.

Acura Coming Back To Super Bowl

Acura is returning to the Super Bowl after a four-year absence. The Honda-owned brand will run a spot in the first quarter that will feature the NSX supercar, which begins shipping this spring.

CBS Scores Record $5M Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl 50 is still six months away — but the NFL championship game has already put some impressive numbers up on the board: A 30-second spot will cost $5 million for the first time. CBS, which will air the game on Feb. 7, confirmed Wednesday its TV network has sold an ad for that amount. Last year, the going rate on NBC was $4.5 million.

CBS Will Live-Stream Super Bowl Ads

For nearly half a century, the only way for the average consumer to see all the glitzy commercials that accompanied the Super Bowl was to watch a broadcast of the game on television. In 2016, CBS intends to shake things up, by live-streaming — in as close to real-time as possible — every single national ad that supports its Feb. 7, 2016, telecast of Super Bowl 50. The maneuver is one that could have seismic ramifications for the media business, as it essentially forces the event’s big-spending sponsors to consider online impressions and TV ratings at the same time, not separately, as has been common practice.