Experiments With 360 Video Prepare Stations For Next Wave Of Innovation


KTVB Develops 360 Youtube Video Strategy

With 360 video, you can make your audience feel as if they are doing more than just watching a story. Xanti Alcelay, director of photography at KTVB Boise, Idaho, says that when 360 video is done well, it’s as though the viewer is actually in the story. “We’re still looking to see what the best stories are,” he says. “What I’ve found so far is the best stories are the stories where you’re leveraging the power of the 360 camera to put the viewer in a situation that they wouldn’t find themselves in.”

CBSN To Debut 360 Videos For Connected TVs

CBSN has unveiled new apps for the Android TV and Amazon Fire TV that will feature 360-degree videos, starting with behind-the-scenes 60 Minutes footage shot in that format. “The CBS News Digital team believes the format will become an increasingly important means of storytelling, including within the news genre it focusing on,” Sarah Perez reports.