Who’s Watching? 3D TV No Hit With Viewers

Only 2% of TVs in the U.S. are able to show 3D programming, according to the most recent data from research firm IHS Screen Digest. That’s about 6.9 million sets out of 331 million. After this year’s Christmas buying rush, IHS expects the number of 3D-capable televisions in homes to jump to 19.3 million, mostly because many new larger TVs automatically include the technology. If you’re in the market for a big-screen TV, you’re likely to wind up with 3D, too. Even so, 3D TVs will amount to fewer than 6% of all sets.

Weak Reception For 3D TVs

Sales of 3-D televisions are looking a little flat. Powered by the box office bonanza of the groundbreaking 2009 film Avatar, the latest evolution of 3D technology zoomed out toward TV viewers at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2010. But analysts say 3D TVs are set for less-than-stellar sales for 2011, their first full year on store shelves.

U.S. To Spend More For 3DTV Than HDTV

U.S. consumers looking to buy a 3DTV during the next year plan to spend over 50% more than those buying a regular HDTV, with over 11% planning to buy one next year. According to Strategy Analytics, those early entertainment adopters will spend 56% more in the U.S than for a regular HDTV. That price is expected to average $1224 for a 3DTV compared with $785 for a HDTV.

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