Broadcasters Put New Demands On Their Cameras

Broadcasters’ demands on cameras are increasing, from asking for IP readiness to standards flexibility and better control in multicamera environments. Vendors are answering the call. Pictured: Sony’s CNA-2 camera control network adapter.

IBC: Cinegy Showcasing 8K And Cloud Optimized Solutions

As it returns to IBC 2022 (Amsterdam, Sept. 9-12), Cinegy, a provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout services, will showcase […]

Comcast Adds 8K VR Coverage For Beijing Olympics

Comcast NBCU Lights Up 8K VR Olympics App

With partial 4K coverage now a regular staple of NBCU’s Olympics coverage, the programmer and parent company Comcast have started to push toward the next big leap in video resolution: 8K. But that push does not yet include the TV screen. Instead, Comcast NBCU will initially deliver more than 150 hours of live and on-demand Olympics coverage in 8K in the form of a virtual reality app on the Meta Quest 2 app store. Launched in the fall of 2020, the Quest 2 is Meta’s current-gen, fully contained VR headset that starts at $300.

Roku Gets Jump In The 8K Smart TV Market

Hisense debuted its first Roku-powered 8K smart TV on the shelves (virtual and otherwise) of Best Buy and Amazon earlier this month. And already, we’re seeing a trend re-emerge that defined the 4K smart TV era — smart TV’s made by Chinese manufacturers, enabled with the Roku OS, undercutting more expensive Korean rivals.

New TVU Rack Router Transmits Live 8K UHD Video

TVU Networks, a market and technology provider of cloud and IP-based live video solutions, and China Unicom, the world’s fourth largest mobile service provider, are collaborating to expand the UHD […]


TVN Tech | CBS Ready For Socially-Distanced Super Bowl

New camera angles and innovative AR graphics will mark Tampa’s Super Bowl LV with a sparser crowd allowing for novel camera positions and experimentation.


TVN Executive Session | Virtual CES Foreshadows Post-Pandemic Glimpses

Next week’s CES will feature virtualized presentations of new 8K TV sets, streaming technology and ever-improving home video production tools that will be of interest to broadcasters. Veteran consultant Shelly Palmer says smart TVs will take a leap forward, smartphone tech will pause until post-pandemic mobility returns and huge trade shows like CES itself will never be the same again.

ETRI/KBS Trial Demonstrates Viability Of 8K OTA Delivery Via ATSC 3.0

ATSC 3.0 quietly achieved a significant milestone in South Korea Sept. 14-18 and again Oct. 19-23 with over-the-air transmission of 8K television.

SMPTE Publishes VC-6 Video Codec Standard

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has published V-Nova’s VC-6 video codec as the SMPTE ST-2117 standard. Ratification of VC-6 as a SMPTE standard came after a comprehensive peer review. VC-6 leverages artificial intelligence as part of how the video codec approaches compression to offer contribution, production and workflow solutions for 4K and 8K.


TVN Tech | NextGen TV Racing For Scale

Around 10 markets should be on-air with 3.0 broadcasts by the end of the third quarter and perhaps 20 by year’s end, according to representatives of Pearl TV and BitPath. Broadcasters are also exploring the full capabilities of the NextGen standard with several new initiatives this summer, including the launch of a NextGen-capable smartphone and a trial of advanced alerting capabilities in Washington, D.C. Above, one of the six 2020 LG OLED sets that have earned the NextGen TV logo from the Consumer Technology Association.

CES 2020

8 Things We Expect To See At CES

The annual consumer tech showcase will be awash in shiny gadgets, but it’s what those products tell us about the future that matters most.


TVN Tech | At CES, NextGen TV’s Coming Out Party

Next week’s CES in Las Vegas will once again take over the Strip with a sprawling, frenetic glimpse into tomorrow’s consumer technology. This time, NextGen TV will make its show floor debut, and hopes are high consumers will notice.

The Secret Behind 8K Upscaling

Samsung’s 2020 business strategy for TV sales is simple: 8K or bust. With its QLED 4K TV sales being undercut by budget 4K TVs, Samsung plans to shift the market again, to a format that has (so far) very few competitors, but also very little native content.


CBS Pumps Up Super Bowl Tech With 8K, AR

Among the tech innovations on tap are Panasonic 8K cameras, which will be used to generate replays from each end zone, part of the 115 cameras the network will use, including a bevy of Sony 4K replay cameras. And for the first time, CBS will also use a live wireless handheld camera with AR graphics and camera-tracking capability designed to provide real-time virtual graphics from the players’ perspective on the field.

Samsung 85-Inch 8K TV Coming To U.S.

With NHK News, Is 8K Gaining Traction?

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has announced that it will begin broadcasting a new 8K channel via satellite by December. The network announced earlier this year that it had intended to do so in advance of its plans to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics in the high res format. This follows speculation that Samsung will debut its first 8K consumer TV set at IFA later this month.

World Cup: NHK Expands Its 8K Production


Interest In 4K Production Gear Growing Slowly

The living room in 2018 will increasingly belong to 4K, particularly where the higher-end TV models are concerned. From the broadcasters’ perspective, getting 4K content to the home is still a challenge to be bridged. “Of course, ATSC 3.0 will change all that, but that’s still, I think, going to take a couple years,” says Alec Shapiro, industry consultant and former president of Sony Professional Solutions.

LG Unveils 88-Inch 8K OLED Display


For-A, InSync Form Joint Venture To Address 8K


SMPTE Tech Conference: It Was About Time

Under the umbrella of its 100th anniversary, the tech group looked back at its rich history of innovation while confronting current and future topics, trends and techniques including IP networking, 4K, SDI, developing standards and more. SMPTE photo



8K Production Ready For Rio


NHK Goes For New Gold With 8K Olympics

In October 1964, Tokyo welcomed the world as it hosted the Summer Olympics. The event signaled Japan’s recovery from the devastation of World War II. To broadcast the proceedings, venerable pubcaster Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) was there. Now in its 90th year, that star has faded slightly as changing viewer demographics and questions about neutrality pose challenges for the broadcaster that has always pushed the tech envelope.

Sharp’s 8K TV On Sale In Japan In Oct. For $133K


NHK Researcher Lays Out 8K Roadmap


Ready For 8K Editing?

NAB 2015

NHK Ponders 8K Ultra HD For Virtual Reality

Japan’s government and NHK are bullish about giving Japan a broadcast system that supports ultra-sharp 8K — 16 times the resolution of HD — in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And now, Japan’s public broadcaster is not ruling out virtual reality as a possible future use of the format.

NHK Labs A Catalyst For 8K Innovation

This year, Japanese public broadcaster NHK announced that it will speed development of its 8K Super Hi-Vision, which offers 16 times the resolution of HD, and begin broadcasting tests in 2016 with the goal of starting a commercial terrestrial service as early as 2018 — two years before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Although there is still a tremendous amount of development needed to create a full 8K ecosystem, a visit to NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories in Tokyo suggests that the broadcaster may be closer than many industry observers think.


More, Better, Faster Pixels At IBC


Report: UltraHD Satellite Chs. To Top 800 By 2025

NHK Airs 8K Super Hi Vision For First Time

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has for the first time transmitted video signals in 8K definition over a significant distance.

CES 2014

Ultra-HD Gets Lot Of Hype At CES

Manufacturers do their best to fuel excitement over 4K TVs at International CES — with decidedly mixed results.

Grass Valley To Demo Real-Time 8K Editing

IBC 2013

8K Broadcast Planned For 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Pagano: ESPN Plans To Be The 4K Leader

The cable sports giant is building a brand new, massive sports production center that Chief Technology Officer Chuck Pagano says will be future proof — able to handle upcoming 4K and 8K production. And he’s also keeping an eye on what’s going on in the broadcast TV world, especially the development of ATSC 3.0 and the pending FCC spectrum auction.

NAB 2013

NHK Demos 8K Technology At NAB Show

Japanese broadcaster NHK demonstrated for the first time outside Japan the real-time, over-the-air transmission and reception of 8K, which is 16 times the resolution of HDTV. The broadcaster plans to record its “Super Hi-Vision” 8K coverage of the figure skating and opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia, in 2014 and to begin domestic 8K satellite tests to coincide with the 2016 Summer Games hosted in Rio.

CES 2013

Broadcasting In 8K Could Start In 2020

With set makers working hard to push adoption of 4K as TV’s next-gen format, work is moving forward on 8K. Visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show are brought up to date on “super high vision” which boasts an eye-popping 7,680 x 4,320 resolution.


Olympics To Test Experimental 8K TV System

BBC, NHK and OBS will test Super Hi-Vision during the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and select events.