Nets: Long-Form Ads Don’t Fall Under FCC Enhanced Disclosure Decision

The broadcast network affiliates want the FCC to “clarify” that its new enhanced sponsorship ID rules for foreign-owned government-supplied programming does not apply to long-form advertising (infomercials). The FCC in April voted to boost broadcasters’ disclosure requirements for programming on airtime leased by a foreign entity. The move comes amidst heightened focus on disinformation campaigns and despite some pushback from broadcasters, who argue the FCC is adding regs to an already overregulated service.


ABC And Affiliates Get Down To Business

The two main topics of discussion at the network’s meeting Monday with its Affiliate Board of Governors were addressing problems with ABC’s primetime lineup (particularly at 10 p.m.) and the continuing development of TV Everywhere and OTT plans.

NAB 2015

ABC: We Will Work With Affils On Streaming

After listening to Ben Sherwood, Disney/ABC Television Group president, and other ABC execs, the affiliates are said to be “pleased” and “satisfied that whatever they do, it will be done with the affiliates.”

ABC, CBS, Fox Affils In Deal With Comcast

The station groups agree not to fight the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger with a series of conditions that would bar Comcast from discriminating in favor of NBCU-owned or operated stations over retransmission consent — and other issues — for 10 years after the TWC deal closes.



Dish-Disney Deal Bodes Well For Affiliates

The agreement is the first step toward Dish offering a cable-like service online, but before it launches it’s going to need similar deals with the ABC affiliates as well as with CBS, Fox, NBC and their affiliates. All the affiliates stand to make a little more on retrans and they get their signals onto the Internet where they can be watched by young viewers on mobile devices.


Gray To Air ABC On KGNS Subchannel

The Laredo, Texas, NBC affiliate will add the full ABC lineup to its ch. 8.2, becoming ABC’s 244th affiliate, starting in February 2014.

ABC, Affils Continue Talks On TV Everwhere

Disney/ABC President Anne Sweeney has invited affiliates to work out a deal over the Watch ABC live streaming concept over the next year or so. She’s proposing that affiliates would pay the network a fee to stream ABC programming through the cable and satellite operators serving their markets, and the affiliates could then seek retransmission consent payments from the operators.

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Raycom Adds ABC Affil In Hattiesburg

The network will be carried on WDAM’s 7.2 subchannel beginning next Monday, making it ABC’s 242nd affiliate. The station will produce local news as a lead-in to ABC’s Good Morning America, World News and Nightline.

Litton Saturday Block Launches Sept. 3 On ABC

Dave Morgan, president-CEO of Litton Entertainment, today announced the launch of Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, one of six, original, HD programs comprising Litton’s Weekend Adventure. Premiering Saturday, Sept. 3, on over 95% of ABC affiliates across the country, the three-hour block will feature programming that, Litton says, “inspires viewers to explore the Earth, to dive […]

Soap Opera Fans Ask ABC Affils To Save Shows

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ABC Affils May Help Fund Olympics Bids

Helping the network land the 2014 and 2016 Games is part of the discussions the network’s affils have in Las Vegas. Judging from the demeanor of board members as they left the two-hour closed-door meeting Sunday, whatever issues that exist between the network and affiliates don’t seem to be very contentious.

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ABC Affiliation For WLNE Not Guaranteed

ABC has warned potential buyers of WLNE Providence, R.I., that the station does not come with a guaranteed affiliation contract. “The consent of ABC is required before anyone may operate the station as an ABC affiliate after March 31,” the network said in a court filing. The warning has “effectively chilled the sale process,” said current owner Kevin O’Brien in another filing.



ABC, Affils Set Up Straight Swap Of Ad Time

WSB Atlanta GM Bill Hoffman, who’s also the chairman of the ABC Affiliates Board, explains the third phase of the ad inventory exchange between ABC and the affiliates. Unlike the earlier two parts of the program, this will involve no cash changing hands. Hoffman says this and other cooperative arrangements illustrate a desire of the network’s management to work toward win-win solutions.

ABC, Affils Launch Reverse Spot Exchange

Almost two months after ABC announced its landmark Inventory Exchange System, which makes batches of network spots available for purchase by the affiliates, the affiliates are now making their own spots available for purchase by the network.