One In Five Still Block All Internet Ads

Across the board, poor creative and lack of relevance to the consumer are the main reasons that people still block ads from serving up in their browser and on the web page, according to a new Kantar Media study.


TVE, OTT Offer New Rev, But Threats Loom

TV Everywhere and OTT technologies create new opportunities for broadcasters to reach viewers with tailored programming and commercials, augmenting their advertising and retrans revenue streams. But these new business opportunities do not come without technical challenges. One of the biggest is ad-blocking software, which has given heartburn to many online content publishers.

TV Ad-Blocking Worries May Be Overrated

Concerns over advertising-free TV and media content might appear to be growing — with the rise of Netflix — and now with digital media and more “ad-blocking” technology. But one analyst is not concerned. With regard to new ad-blocking efforts from Apple, Brian Wieser, senior research analyst at the Pivotal Research Group, says that since most mobile content consumption occurs in apps — around 90% of the time — the apps are unlikely to be impacted by this change.

How Ad Blocking Could Affect YouTube

It’s not a mystery why YouTube is considering offering an ad-free version of its site to paying subscribers. There already are millions of potential viewers who pay nothing for an ad-free experience, and a subscription-based model will test whether digital freeloaders are willing to pay when given the chance.