NBCU, Dish Settle Ad-Skipping Dispute

They are still locked in dispute behind closed doors over a retransmission contract, but NBCUniversal and Dish Network have put down their legal swords over the ad-skipping tech the satellite company introduced several years back. This deal joins Fox’s lawsuit-ending agreement in February and the settlement CBS and Dish came to in December 2014.

‘American Idol’ Aims To Defeat Ad-Skipping

Fox’s American Idol XIII has come up with a novel way to prevent viewers from ad-skipping via DVR or wandering out of the room during commercials. Suppose they kept the cameras rolling backstage during the commercials, then let viewers see the goings on, live, on a split-screen during “select commercial breaks”?

Apple Pitches Ad-Skipping For New Service

Apple has a new trick up its sleeve as it tries to launch a long-awaited television service: technology that allows viewers to skip commercials and that pays media companies for the skipped views. For more than a year, Apple has been seeking rights from cable companies and television networks for a service that would allow users to watch live and on-demand television over an Apple set-top box or TV. Talks have been slow and proceeding in fits and starts, but things seem to be heating up.

DirecTV Sitting On Spot-Skipping Technology

The satellite provider’s CEO, Mike White, points out that his company bought technology similar to Dish’s five years ago but says it hasn’t seen a demand for it yet.