What Ads Would Cost If Fox Goes To 2 Min./Hr.

If Fox really wants to reduce ad loads to two minutes per hour in the next two years, as ad-sales chief Joe Marchese suggested at an industry summit recently convened by the network, it would have to make up the lost ad revenue somehow. It would have to pin its hopes on a dramatic and ambitious evolution in the TV ad model, replacing traditional spots with a robust package of new formats, targeting and brand integrations that often demand extra effort from advertisers.

Fox Wants To Reduce Ad Time to 2 Min./Hour

Fox Networks Group’s ad sales chief, Joe Marchese, is setting a lofty goal for the broadcast network: reducing TV ad time to two minutes an hour by 2020. Marchese announced that target at a private industry event it hosted last week in Los Angeles, where advertisers, buyers and executives from rival media companies discussed TV advertising’s woes.