Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor Adds Contribution Feed Monitoring, Ad Tracking

Telestream, a provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement solutions for the production and distribution of video, is offering a new option and a new name for its live ABR monitoring service. The newly named Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor service now adds contribution feed monitoring and ad tracking to the system’s […]

Ad Tacking Firm Raises $21.9M In Funding

Google Fiber Ad Trials Test Real-Time Data

TV measurement continues to rapidly change, but traditional gross ratings points that rely on Nielsen viewers are small enough to create problems for networks without multimillion-viewer bases. Google will try to change that industry standard by providing real-time ad-tracking capabilities similar to the systems it designed for online advertisements.


Ad ID, Tracking Needs To Be Standardized

The industry will continue to hamper its progress — and ability to keep up with rapidly growing number of content platforms — if it doesn’t adopt new standards, such as including uniform metadata on ads and updating its workflow.