Analysis: How Disney+’s Ad Tier Can Pull The Company Out Of Fiscal Slump

The new AVOD offering rolled out in the U.S. on Thursday, with plans to expand internationally in 2023.

Streaming Adds Reach to TV Ad Campaigns: Effectv Report

TV viewing by Comcast subscribers drops to 6 hours, 2 minutes per day.

Ross Expands News Tech Lineup With ADS Purchase

30.9% Of American TV Homes Using ADS

That alternate delivery system number is an all-time high, while wired cable hits a 21-year low.


Cable Penetration Hits 21-Year Low

According to Nielsen NTI data, cable penetration represented 60.7% of households in November, down from 61.7% in November 2009, while national alternate delivery system penetration reached 30.5% of television households last month, an all-time high that represents 33.7% of subscription television customers (those paying for video delivery), another all-time high.