Talking TV: Tackling Advanced TV At The IAB Tech Lab

Tony Katsur, CEO of the IAB Tech Lab, shares how he’s trying to solve for universal reconciliation, universal audit, audience interoperability and creating strong anti-fraud mechanisms in CTV among an ambitious list of other priorities in 2023. A full transcript of the conversation is included.

Samba TV Enters Spanish Market In Deal With Smartclip

BIA/Kelsey: New Directions Of Advanced TV

Major TV network-owned media companies — NBCU, Fox, Discovery, A&E, Viacom and Turner — as well as other broadcasters are among companies using advanced data analytics to support the sale of their linear TV inventory across all of their portfolio TV networks in combination rather than individually as they have done in the past.

Advertisers To Spend More On Advanced TV

A majority of advertisers already use some form of advanced TV, which includes addressable and interactive TV efforts, in their marketing efforts. But overall media budgets are still low. Still, 70% of advertisers expect to spend more on advanced TV within the next 12 months.