A Third Of Advertisers Have Reduced 2022 Spending Due To Macroeconomic Factors

In another sign of the toll that macroeconomic disruption has been taking on the ad economy, more than a third of advertisers (35%) say they have reduced their 2022 advertising budgets due to increasing inflation and/or disruptions in their supply chain.

Samsung Tops P&G As World’s No. 1 Advertiser

The South Korean consumer electronics and appliance marketer pumped $11.2 billion into advertising and sales promotion in 2017, a 13% increase. That moved it ahead of packaged-goods powerhouse P&G, which spent an estimated $10.5 billion on advertising and other marketing costs in the year ended June 2018, little changed from the previous year.

PTC Ranks Best And Worst TV Advertisers

Today, the Parents Television Council released its annual list of “Best and Worst TV Advertisers,” which catalogues companies based on the television content they chose to underwrite with their media dollars over the past year.


PTC Releases Annual Sponsor Rankings

The watchdog group ranks companies based on the content in the television shows “they chose to underwrite with their advertising dollars.” Among the best are Ford, Procter & Gamble, Wendy’s and Wal-Mart. Among the worst are Toyota, Sprint, Target and McDonald’s.

‘Madison Ave.Shies Away From MTV’s ‘Skins’

PTC Ranks 2010’s Best, Worst TV Sponsors

The watchdog group asks holiday shoppers to support family-friendly advertisers. Among the best are Smucker’s, Kraft and Coke. The worst are led by

First Advertisers On ‘Conan’ Revealed

Conan O’Brien’s new cable show, Conan, doesn’t debut until Nov. 8 but TBS is  reporting that some of America’s biggest companies are already onboard as major supporters, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, AT&T, GM and News Corp.