A New Documentary Traces The Popularity Of Local TV News To One Man, Al Primo

Al Primo & His Eyewitness News Revolution takes you back to the early days of television news to hear the behind-the-scenes stories of its revolution from the people who were there.

What Can We Learn From Al Primo, Inventor Of Eyewitness News?

Al Primo, Credited With Creating Eyewitness News Format, Dies

Primo came up with the concept in the mid-1960s at KYW Philadelphia, then became news director at WABC New York in 1968, launching Eyewitness News that November with Roger Grimsby as lead anchor. Two years later, he’d pair Grimsby with Bill Beutel, and a legendary anchor team was born. Primo quickly turned a station with languishing newscasts and ratings into a powerhouse that became the standard in the industry. He was 87.

What We Can Learn From Al Primo


Is Your News Tired? Check Out Vice, Newsy

For the most part, local newscasts were developed a half-century ago. It’s time for a renaissance. The typical newscast no longer resonates with many Americans, especially younger ones. That’s why I’m intrigued by Scripps’ Newsy and am deeply curious about the nightly newscast that Vice is cooking up for HBO. All news directors should be, too.

Al Primo On How He Changed Local TV News