Alki David Sued For Sexual Battery

The billionaire, along with his companies Hologram USA, FilmOn.TV and Swissx Labs, is being sued by an anonymous woman who says he raped her while she was working for his CBD venture Swissx. He denies the allegations and says the lawsuit is “a tool for extortion.”

Alki David Hit With $58M In Damages

Jurors on Monday awarded $50 million in punitive damages to Mahim Khan, a former production assistant who worked at his Los Angeles-based firms, attorney Gloria Allred said. The same panel last week awarded $8.25 million in compensatory damages for battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment.

FilmOn’s Alki David Faces $8.25M Verdict

The legal woes of British-Greek hologram billionaire Alki David continued to mount on Tuesday after a jury held him liable for $8.25 million for battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment against Mahim Khan, a former production assistant who worked at David’s media companies including FilmOn TV and Alki David Productions Inc.

Alki David: Ambassador For ‘Wronged Men’

The “eccentric billionaire” FilmOn and Hologram executive has been sued by multiple women for sexual harassment.

Alki David Rips Judge For $10M Error

FilmOn X founder Alki David may have been upset after two courts issued unfavorable rulings in suits brought against him by broadcasters — but he is irate over an erroneous report that he reached a $10 million settlement with CBS in a contempt-of-court case that made it into court files and remained there several days.

Judge Finds Film On’s Alki David In Contempt

On Tuesday, a judge in New York City agreed with a July 29 request from CBS and ordered that David’s free-TV-over-the-Internet service pay up what it still owes on a $1.6 million copyright infringement and injunction settlement reached last July.

CBS Seeks Court Order Against FilmOn

Another month, another salvo in the ongoing multi-pronged legal trench warfare between the broadcasters and FilmOn founder Alki David. This time, it’s CBS who is back in court against the billionaire digital media entrepreneur. On Monday the network asked U.S. District Court in New York to enter an order to ensure that David holds up his part of a $1.6 million copyright infringement settlement reached last year.

Alki David Fights TV Broadcasters’ Lawsuit

FilmOn, one of Alki David’s digital TV companies, has reacted to a lawsuit that was filed in March with an answer and counterclaim. David is seeking a declaratory judgment that providing technology that allows consumers to receive free over-the-air broadcast signals via the Internet is not a violation of TV broadcasters’ copyrights.

How Alki David Upset Aereo’s TV Takeover

Aereo’s careful plan to upend the TV industry was going fine — until a company run by a Los Angeles playboy, with a streaming service of its own, got in the way. Here’s an inside view of what happened.

Alki David Ending Aereokiller In D.C.

Looks like the streaming of network TV is about to end in Washington. Less than a week after ABC, NBC and Fox filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court in D.C. against Alki David’s FilmOn and his Aereokiller service, the media industry provocateur says he’s pulling the broadcasters from his streaming service.

Aereo Vs. FilmOn: New Day, New Lawsuit

After suing Alki David for using “BarryDriller” and “AereoKiller,” Aereo is now suing him for using “Aero.”

Alki David’s FilmOn Sues Barry Diller’s Aereo

On Thursday, FilmOn claimed rights to “Aero,” and that Aereo has taken a moniker that’s confusingly similar. The new lawsuit comes six months after David was sued after attempting to redub his own service as and AereoKiller. The basis for the lawsuit comes from the allegation that months before Bamboon Labs changed its name to Aereo, FilmOn already had a hold on “Aero.”

Judge Halts Broadcast Streaming Service

A Los Angeles federal court is ordering Alki David’s Aereokiller to stop its streaming of broadcast signals to the Internet and mobile devices, delivering a victory to the TV networks as they seek to protect their retransmission revenue streams.

TV Nets Get Tentative Win In Streaming Case

ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox got a step closer today to shutting down Alki David’s online streaming of their shows. Judge George Wu on Thursday granted the networks their mutually desired tentative preliminary injunction against the digital entrepreneur’s Aereokiller service.

TV Networks Move To Stop Aereokiller

A group of major networks has filed suit against billionaire Alki David’s Aereokiller, requesting an injunction on the TV streaming service in federal court in California. The networks claim that the service disrupts their ability to negotiate retrans contracts and earn ad revenue from the shows that are rebroadcast online.


Alki David Slots Offbeat Programming On KILM

Barry Diller Sues Over

The IAC chairman says that Alki David’s company is violating his intellectual property to divert people from Aereo.

Aereo Wannabe May Help Broadcasters

In a unusual legal twist, broadcasters may now have two shots at killing Aereo, the controversial TV streaming service recently launched by media mogul Barry Diller. Alki David, the provocative media entrepreneur who recently launched an Aereo-like streaming TV service called, may have unintentionally just done broadcasters a huge favor in their fight to stop both online video services.

NBC, ABC, CBS Next To Sue

The networks’ joint copyright infringement claim against digital entrepreneur Alki David’s provocative site is similar to the suit that Fox filed on Friday — also at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The action against BarryDriller Content Systems was made “to restrain defendants from exploiting without authorization, and violating plaintiffs’ rights in, some of the most valuable intellectual property created in the United States,” the networks say.

Fox Sues Alki David’s

The complaint notes that since last Tuesday the defendant, BarryDriller Content Systems, owned by Alki David, has infringed on Fox’s copyrights and trademarks by retransmitting its broadcast shows online without the company’s permission. It specifically cites Fox-owned shows taken from KABC and KTTV Los Angeles

Alki David Vows To Keep Legal Heat On CBS

Alki David, whose FilmOn venture was shut down by broadcasters for streaming their programming on the net without permissioni, dropped his suit against CBS for allegedly encouraging theft of other programming on Monday. But David is now promising to hit CBS with a “substantially” expanded lawsut in league with “numerous artists and other copyright owners.”

FilmOn Founder Says He Is Suing CBS, CNET

FilmOn founder Alki David says he plans to sue CBS and its CNET tech website for “illegal distribution of DRM [digital rights management] removal software as well as the illegal distribution of file sharing software with malicious intent to infringe on copyright.”

FilmOn To CBS: ‘Hypocritical, Thieving Liars’

FilmOn may have been handed a temporary restraining order preventing it from re-streaming the network O&Os, but the service’s billionaire founder Alki David is retaliating by accusing plaintiff CBS with promoting piracy of music, movies and TV shows through CNET.