All Elite Wrestling CEO Tony Khan Buys Sinclair’s Ring Of Honor

Challenger AEW Serves Up A Real Fight

AEW is WWE’s first real fight in decades. It may change the face of pro wrestling in the U.S. Though the television contracts are just below those of professional sports leagues in the United States, the money spent on broadcasting pro wrestling is serious. AEW is in the middle of a $175 million television deal with WarnerMedia to air matches on Dynamite and Rampage twice a week on TNT, before moving to TBS next year.

Is Pro Wrestling’s Boom Too Good To Believe?

Fake fights are making real money, but industry leader WWE still looks vulnerable.

All Elite Wrestling’ Debut Tops WWE

The upstart promotion’s Dynamite premiere pulled in solid numbers Wednesday, beating USA’s NXT head to head.

The Wrestling Revolution Will Be Televised

TNT’s AEW Dynamite debuted Wednesday night live from Washington, D.C.’s Capital One Arena. (The show will broadcast from different cities each week.) AEW stands for All Elite Wrestling, the buzziest and most audacious promotion to put its hat in the ring in at least a generation.

All Elite Wrestling To Launch Oct. 2 On TNT