SCOTUS To Allow Feds To Argue In Aereo

Looks like three isn’t a crowd for the Supreme Court when it comes to the upcoming Aereo hearing. The high court has decided to let the Solicitor General’s office participate in the one-hour oral arguments session between Aereo and the broadcasters Tuesday in Washington.


Aereo CEO On Future Of Company, Industry

With oral arguments in the copyright challenge case between Aereo and broadcasters scheduled to go before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia talksabout the his company, the case and the competition.

As SCOTUS Looms, Aereo Launches Site

With the Supreme Court poised to take up American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo on April 22, Aereo today announced it has launched The site, Aereo says, offers court briefs, amicus briefs and court decisions related to the Supreme Court case as well as registration for updates.

Justice Alito Will Participate In Aereo Case

The Supreme Court disclosed Wednesday, in routine entries on its docket, that Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., will now be taking part in two cases from which he had held himself out earlier — both set for argument next week — including American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo. Alito had not taken part when the court issued preliminary orders. No explanation was given, but it was assumed that he had financial investments that made his recusal necessary. The announcement ends concerns over a tie.