Blacks, Hispanics Doubt Media Accuracy

Three-fourths of African-American news consumers and two-thirds of Hispanics have doubts about what mainstream media report about their communities, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Media Insight Project. And while most say it’s become easier to get news generally in the last five years, few feel the same way about news regarding their own community, the survey said.

Tom Rosenstiel to leave Pew’s PEJ for API


R.I.P., American Press Institute

W. Lawrence Winter, American Press Institute president and executive director, 1987-2003: “Let’s be honest. This is not a merger. This is a takeover. And, from the ashes of API may someday rise a new [Newspaper Association of America] training organization of some kind, featuring, probably, Internet-based learning activities. But whatever it is, it will not be API.”

NAA Foundation, American Press Institute Merging