ANA, 4As Release New Guidelines For Buying Diverse Media

ANA Readies Pilot Of Nielsen TV Panel Alternatives That Will Likely Include Kantar

While TV measurement moves to big data sets, panels remain crucial as lawsuits and widely varying claims roil the industry.

ANA To Test Cross-Media Measurement System With VideoAmp

The Association of National Advertisers has announced plans to test that a cross-media measurement system from advertising software/data company VideoAmp in the U.S. The news is the latest development in a push by advertisers and media to broaden their measurement options amid the controversy over Nielsen’s undercounting of TV audiences during the pandemic’s height and its loss of MRC accreditation.

ANA Converts ‘Masters Of Marketing,’ Media Confabs To Virtual Events

ANA To TV: Shift To Calendar-Year Deals

A day after calling for “sweeping changes” to transform the ad industry’s inclusiveness and diversity, the Association of National Advertisers this morning issued another call for “sweeping changes” in the “media ecosystem,” and specifically called on the television advertising industry to move the annual upfront negotiating season from a spring/early summer marketplace purchasing a fourth quarter through third quarter broadcast year to a fall/winter marketplace purchasing a conventional calendar year.

ANA Publishes Guide To Legal Challenges Facing Marketers During Pandemic

Tucker To Run ANA’s New ‘Measurement’ Division

ANA Suffers Phishing Attack, Possible Data Theft

The Association of National Advertisers suffered a phishing attack last year that may have resulted in the theft of employee data, including names and Social Security numbers.

ANA: Feds Want ‘Meaningful’ Cooperation

The Association of National Advertisers has issued a follow-up report to last month’s member missive confirming an FBI/U.S. Attorney’s Office probe into possible fraudulent media-buying conduct. Advertisers will need to conduct formal internal investigations before deciding whether to call the FBI. The new report details the potential crimes the FBI is looking into, including mail and wire fraud, conspiracy and racketeering.

ANA Issues YouTube Ad Advisory

In an ironic twist for a company whose corporate motto is “do the right thing,” the Association of National Advertisers issued an advisory warning members about the brand safety of YouTube and reminding its parent Google that the top priority for any platform used by brands is “to do no harm.” The advisory comes after a number of big ANA members pulled their advertising from YouTube when it was discovered that they were being placed adjacent to unsafe content, including hate speech and “terrorist-oriented” Web sites.

ANA Aims To Standardize Gender Equality In Ads

Ad, TV, Video Trades Seek Single Format

In the first advertising industry-wide initiative to tackle technical standards and formats associated with the rapidly changing marketplace, a joint venture of the Association of National Advertisers and its agency counterpart, the 4As, has spearheaded a coalition of the advertising, TV and digital media industry’s leading technical groups to create standards and best practices for managing video assets in a non-linear world.

ANA Releases New Media Transparency Guidelines

ANA Moves To Eliminate Bias Against Women

The Association of National Advertisers and its Alliance for Family Entertainment are out to eliminate bias against women from advertising and media, launching #SeeHer in an effort backed by the White House and tracked by ongoing consumer surveys.

ANA Calls For 3rd-Party Digital Measurement

The Association of National Advertisers surveyed its members to understand marketers’ perspectives of viewability verification procedures used by digital media owners and found that the majority of respondents (97%) believe all digital media owners’ inventory should be measured by a third party.

ANA: Connected TV Viewing Rises Sharply

Viewing with over-the-top streaming devices on connected TV sets is rising sharply — 380% in the first quarter of this year — yet engagement in ads on these platforms remains low, according to a recent study by Freewheel cited by the ANA/BrightLine research.

ANA Commissioning Study On Media Buying

The Association of National Advertisers is hiring a consultant to do a broad study on how media is purchased by agencies for advertisers. This initiative, which comes amid allegations of widespread media agency rebate schemes in the U.S., is being conducted solely by the ANA and is separate from the joint ANA-4As task force that was announced in April that is looking at agency-advertiser contracts and the development of a code of conduct.

ANA Supports ‘Measurably Viewable’ Standard

In a move that could accelerate the shift toward so-called “viewable” ad impressions, the Association of National Advertisers has issued an advisory to its members, asking them to  transition their digital investment strategies to pay for digital advertisements that are “measurably viewable.” The request was described as a push to move digital ad spending toward a “minimum opportunity to see” standard.

DC Issues Keeping Advertisers Up At Night

The issues advertisers keep an eye on in DC don’t change that much, but what is different  are the political, regulatory and tech environments. “The overlap of regulatory issues and agencies is becoming far more complex and not clear cut,” said Dan Jaffe, EVP of government relations for the Association of National Advertisers. “That’s happened because of the convergence of media.”

ANA Pushes For Improved Way To Measure

Discussion of a governing authority for media measurement will be on the agenda of a joint meeting of the Association of National Advertisers, American Association of Advertising Agencies, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Media Rating Council and Advertising Research Foundation. Bob Liodice, the CEO of ANA, talked about the need yesterday in an address opening an ANA conference.

Media Orgs Launch File Formats Task Force

Groups Warn Of Ad-Tax Deduction Threat

The threat is more a specter right now than a real danger, but ad industry lobbyists are treating the possibility that Congress could eliminate or curtail the expensing of advertising fees as a looming Armageddon.

ANA Won’t Oppose Nielsen-Arbitron Merger

A group that might have at least slowed government approval of the proposed Nielsen-Arbitron merger through loud defiance signaled it will not stand in the way. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) believes the deal could enhance cross-platform measurement for the industry and won’t have any impact on stifling competition in the TV arena,

ANA Slams ‘Today’ Carnival Ad Placement

TV Media Budgets Up, Aided By STB Data

New research from the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester shows 76% of marketers plan to keep their media budgets stable in 2012. About half (47%) of all budgets will go to TV. That’s a 6% bump from the 2010 survey.

Media Budgets Seem To Keep Rising

New survey results from the Association of National Advertisers show that both traditional TV and new media are doing well: 47% of marketers said they increased their TV budgets since 2009, while 23% said their TV budgets decreased. At the same time, 44% of marketers said they are creating incremental budgets for new media, up from 37% in 2007. The key takeaway may be that the number of marketers shifting funds from existing media budgets decreased to 44% from 63% in 2007.

Economy Casts Shadow Over Ad Forum

At the Association of National Advertisers’ conference, there was relief that the worst has not happened but worry about sluggish growth and high unemployment.

NBC, CBS Drop Ad Insertion Fees

Association of National Advertisers chief Bob Liodice claimed a certain level of victory with the organization’s efforts to eliminate the decades-old fees ABC, CBS and NBC had charged for the physical work of inserting ads in the system before they run. Liodice said Thursday that CBS and NBC have dropped the so-called network-integration fees, while ABC still charges “on occasion.”

ANA: Accountability Heads List Of Top Issues

While the list of key marketing issues has not changed significantly over the past two years, senior marketers’ priority rankings in the latest Association of National Advertisers survey provide some revealing insights about changing business conditions and shifts in emphasis, points out ANA President/CEO Bob Liodice.

ANA Slams TV Nets for Filling Up Side Pillars

In a strongly worded statement, the Association of National Advertisers’s Television & Video Committee took TV networks to task for filling up the pillars to the right and left sidebars of standard-definition commercials that air in high-definition feeds.