Fox Meteorologist Dean Turns Into Fierce Cuomo Critic

Fox News Channel’s Janice Dean isn’t a political commentator — she’s Fox’s senior meteorologist. In the past year, though, a searing personal loss has transformed her into a fighter for families who believe that a Cuomo-backed policy encouraging the transfer of COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes was a deadly error.


Cuomo Bros. Act Was Just A Sideshow. Until It Wasn’t

Margaret Sullivan: “For years, CNN had a sensible policy about whether Chris Cuomo could interview his older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Simply put: He couldn’t. But then came the unprecedented events of last spring, as the coronavirus pandemic roiled the world and as New York City became its scary epicenter. All bets were off. These days, CNN’s ban is back and in full force. With the governor under career-threatening fire over recent sexual harassment claims and with the apparent mishandling of some parts of his administration’s covid-19 response in the news, the brother act is over.”

The Lighter Days Of CNN’s Cuomo Brothers Show Are Long Gone

CNN is covering the story of York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s role in failing to disclose the true number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths , but not on Chris Cuomo’s show. The network said it had reinstated a prohibition on Cuomo interviewing or doing stories about his brother that it had temporarily lifted last spring.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Getting International Emmy For Virus Briefings

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is set to soon receive an International Emmy award for his once-daily televised briefings on the coronavirus pandemic that killed tens of thousands of New Yorkers this spring. The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, whose members include media and entertainment figures from over 60 […]


Have The Cuomos Crossed An Ethical Line?

Margaret Sullivan: “A month ago, it would have seemed unlikely — ridiculous, even — that the most riveting duo in America would be the Empire State’s combative governor and his kid brother, the wide-eyed cable-news host. But here we are. Sometimes comical, sometimes somber, sometimes emotional, their joint TV appearances have become one of the strangest outgrowths of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Cuomos’ Double Act Invites Praise, Skepticism

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, have in their interviews on the latter’s show, been praised for “enlivening coronavirus TV.” But questions are arising about whether the coronavirus-stricken host, who has been broadcasting from his basement in quarantine, should be allowed to interview a family member in a journalistic setting/

How COVID-19 Turned Cuomo Into TV Sensation

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily media briefings offer “a strangely compelling mix that is part “West Wing” revival, part therapy session and most important, a credible source of important information about the contagion,” writes Cynthia Littleton.

Cuomo Helps Free Journalist Detained In Albany


WPIX Housing Exposé Gets Governor To Act

After a series of investigations and reports both on air and on social media by WPIX New York reporter Monica Morales (l) that revealed horrible housing conditions, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (r) made personal inspections followed by proposals on how to remedy the housing  problems. Also, as a result of Morales’ reports on WPIX, 55 buildings in the public housing developments across the city now have heat and hot water.

New York Governor Mandates Net Neutrality

Broadband companies that want to do business with state agencies in New York will have to abide by some key net neutrality rules, under an order signed Wednesday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Stage Set For Cuomo In TW-Comcast Delay

An announcement that the state Public Service Commission had again delayed a vote on the $45 billion Time Warner Cable-Comcast merger doesn’t actually mean that the merger is in trouble in New York. Most likely it means Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “working to line up concessions from the two cable giants in exchange for state approval of the merger by an agency whose chairwoman the governor appointed.” Cuomo announced in October a $500 million plan to increase Internet speed and access throughout New York.